Bad Day

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Thetokemaster, May 18, 2013.

  1. Mom jst took 4gs of mine..
    feeling pretty down guys, anyone else depressed?
    and no its not just cause of weed

  2. i had an okay day. wish it was over
  3. Was a bad day too. Had graduation rehearsal. Had to repeat...  go to school, rehearse, go downtown, rehearse, back to school, get cap and gown. Tomorrow is my last day of High School. I'll miss the days of meeting new friends before school, and toking behind the elementary. 
  4. I would tell you to go smoke some weed but...
  5. :cry:
    I can still vape, but only ''medically''.. I convinced her I got it for free, but im so bummed
  6. Damn dude, hopefullly the next chapter of your life will be great though!
  7. me too.
  8. I feel you on that, getting weed confiscated is the worst. I am and have been going through depression for the past 6 months or so, and basically life sucks, although it is amazing. 
  9. I had an oz confiscated once. shut up about your stupid 4 grams
  10. /\\/\\/\\ that guys a dick /\\/\\/\\
  11. Dude, that sucks.
    meh, my day could be better. my dad was trying to "fix" our pool (it was perfectly fine) and turned off all our water. i just wanna take a nice, long, relaxing shower. 
  12. what did I do?
  13. Kicking a guy when he's down.
  14. is he really down after losing 4 grams? I tell you what down feels like when your parents flush an ounce of high grade down the toilet. 4 grams is nothing
  15. That
    That's why you sir, are a dick.
  16. In about an hour my day is going to be over hopefully and ill get to sleep!!!!!!
  17. just cuz today sucks, doesnt mean tomorrow wont.
    but really, i feel you bro.  one time i was about to get laid, and my bro barged in and got us the fuck out.  he doesnt even live here but he might aswell have flushed that pussy down the toilet.  oh well, it was his ex and i just wanted to fuck her cuz of that.  cuz he was with herr for half a year and never hit that, but shes a slut so atleast i didnt catch any disease she probably had.
    but today is pretty good.  i almost beat my dad at bowling, then we went for a beer and i smoked.
  18. you dont have to try hard to hide your pieces and lighter, but cmon Op your weed? hide that shit so that you're 8 steps ahead of your mom.
  19. is 4 grams a lot

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