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  1. It seems like a daily occurence that I read a story about rampant police corruption around the States, but I rarely see a thread. There's entire blogs and websites devoted to this kind of stuff, but it seems to take a backseat to non-issues like non-Mosques, decades-old Withcraft, and basically anything the media considers a 'story'.

    So I'll start this thread off with a few horrendous stories about cop abuse/corruption, and I'll keep the cycle going every time I come across a new story and I encourage others to do the same. To me, the Police are the legitimization of statism, and time and time again, people will defend cops for the sole reason that they are cops, and my goal is to show that a monopoly of power whether it's an entire Government, a department of cops, or a singular traffic light, centralized authority/monopoly never works. Obviously there are so many stories of abuse, that it's hard to keep up with them all, so I'll post some of the more dastardly acts, but for minor stuff like cops peeing on sleeping babies, tasering helpless elderly people, I encourage you to check out the dozens of blogs and websites that chronicle police brutality.

    Let the festivities begin!

    First up, we have have Philly cops 'defending' themselves from a mentally-handicapped man, tasering him to death.

    Man with mental illness killed by Taser in conflict with police | Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/08/2010

    Next, we have two crooked cops who rob an undercover cop posing as a drug dealer, then giving the stolen drugs and money to a real drug dealer. Classy. Oh, and this happened just a few months earlier

    Accusations that officers robbed dealers is a new blow to Philadelphia police force's reputation | Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/06/2010

    And finally (for today), we have the unapologetic drunk cop who ran over (and killed) some pedestrians.

    Bisard Text: 'I Am Innocent' - Indiana News Story - WRTV Indianapolis
  2. Reported Cover Up at Jennings Police Department - KTVI

    Trooper Charged for Excessive Force

    Duquesne officer charged with dog law violations after attack - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

    (The above story is especially ironic, being as cops routinely slay (harmless) dogs, which has lead to quite a large controversy in the past few years. Kind of like this out-of-control cop who not only slayed a man needlessly, killed a perfectly harmless dog for no reason.

    Officer arrested in fatal shooting

    Police in Australia Taser Unarmed Indigenous Man 13 Times [VIDEO] | News One

    Clearly the drunk man in the video above needed to be tased 13 times.

    Town of Basalt defends police officers in lawsuit |

    Local News | Woodcarver was shot four times in his side by officer, autopsy shows | Seattle Times Newspaper

    Federal lawsuit filed against Marco police claiming excessive force during arrest » Marco Eagle

    Watertown Okays $600K Settlement In VanWaldick Shooting | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for Watertown, NY | Local News

    Oakland police must pay $175k for planting gun - San Jose Mercury News

    City paying out $300G to Queens brothers falsely accused by cops of selling drugs

    The scariest part is, most of these stories are from the past few days, and I haven't really been following cop abuses very closely until today. Imagine how much more I could uncover if I followed it closely every day, and imagine how many abuses go unreported because of intimidation and scare tactics used by officers.
  3. i dont have any links at the moment but this thread needs a bump

  4. Dont dial 911 in Philly...:eek:

    Is it like this all over the US ?
  5. I wouldn't say it's uncommon, but most people don't realize how much abuse there really is. Internet journalism has made it much more accessible to end users. Also, you have to realize that not all cops are like this, obviously, but it seems to be disproportionate in recent years. I've heard theories as to why, and one particular argument seems pretty strong to me. Apparently police departments are becoming 'militarized'--they're getting free equipment from the CIA (old stuff they don't use anymore), and not only that, many of the veterans from our perpetual wars overseas are coming home and becoming police officers, which means more aggressive people in the police force. Many of them are also mentally unstable from being forced to go overseas and murder women and children.

    Anyways, Saturdays seem to be pretty tame police corruption days.

    Drug cops smash into wrong house, terrorize elderly couple - Chicago Breaking News

    Cop arrested in 2-state shooting spree -

    WBBJ-TV West Tennessee's News Channel - Local News

    Woman threatens to sue Lancaster police over videotaped arrest - abc27 News
  6. [ame=""]YouTube - Police Brutality in Ozark[/ame]

    All of the officers involved in this were cleared.
  7. [ame=] - Police Caught Planting Evidence On Homeless Woman[/ame]

    Taxpayers Foot The Bill For Nearly $1Billion In Payouts Over NYC Police Abuse - informationliberation

    The New Britain Herald : New Britain, Conn., and surrounding areas (

    Mesa police video shows violent arrest, suspect files claim

    Chief Whitman transfers two officers after secret recording - The Denver Post

    Police officer Stephen Mitchell 'handcuffed heroin addict and raped her over settee' | Mail Online

    Va. Beach officer goes to jail, but keeps pension | |

    Former Pleasant Hill officer who stole drugs gets probation | | The Des Moines Register - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: Policeman accused of raping five women while on duty

    Officer Charged: Alberto Madrid's Disciplinary History - Video - KVIA El Paso

    Dallas police officer accused of choking 14-year-old | | Dallas - Fort Worth Local News

    Update: Officer who shot at KCCI employee a three-year veteran [with 911 call] | Des Moines Register Staff Blogs

    Louisville police officer fired over nude photos | | The Courier-Journal

    Teen's abuse allegation sets off internal investigation at MPD - WSFA 12 News Montgomery, AL |

    New York's Finest Police Cover-Up - Page 1 - News - New York - Village Voice

    Courthouse News Service

    [ame=] - Stopping the Sheriff[/ame]

    POLICE BRUTALITY: LAX Police Repeatedly Taser Unarmed 78 Yr Old Senior Citizen : Federal Jack

    Couple sue over arrest, confinement -

    Documents: Deputy's story changed when confronted | deputy, documents, panama - News - The News Herald

    After getting tasered, college student alleges Tampa Police used excessive force

    Jackson Hole Daily | Tased driver embarks on suit against town

    Head of alcohol enforcement charged with DUI near Lewes | | The News Journal

    Green Mayor of Richmond, CA faces
  8. where does all this police brutality happen like every time i encounter a cop they're always pretty chill and i live near philly too
  9. This is a little old but still relevant [ame=]YouTube - BART Shooting - UPDATED!!! NEW angle of the shooting!!!![/ame]

    Mehserle verdict: Involuntary manslaughter

    2-4 fucking years. Plus he gets credit for the time he served awaiting trial, which was like 18 months.
  10. The police was assaulted by bubbles.... seriously?

    [ame=]YouTube - "Officer Bubbles"- From Bubbles to Bookings?[/ame]

    Many months later, the officer is suing the youtube and the youtube commenters.

  11. Cops are known to rob dealers and sell the product back on the street in my city.

  12. Almost every single cop does this.

    To be honest, the CIA steals from import of drugs from other countries and then proceed to sell them on American street. AH, the irony of war on drugs. And, if CIA is about to be expose, CIA will do all their best to frame the drug lord so they don't get the blame and continue what they do for many years.
  13. I just found out the cops in my town are paid/bribed by local lawyers to step-up their search for DUIs. :eek::rolleyes:
  14. Just think of how great it will be when we surrender ALL of our power to the State in Socialist/Communist systems.
  15. what power do you think you have lmao
  16. You will be the power in a communist society.
  17. How would a communist society treat policing any different from this society? The majority supports it or is too apathetic to change it. There is no competition to the publicly sanctioned monopoly.

    The only society where an individual has power is a free society, a capitalist one.

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