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Bad Cough

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Fink, May 29, 2009.

  1. Hi guys. I'm a relatively new smoker, and have smoked thirty-four times. It hadn't ever given me any trouble before, but in the last few days I consumed a gram of some Bobby Browns through various methods. Every time, it gave me a sore throat and a lasting cough. When I cough, I feel mucus or a viscous liquid of some sort in my lungs, and I can sometimes cough it up.

    I'm a licensed SCUBA diver and an all-state swimmer. It's not as if I had bad lungs already.

    So, is it just this recent cheap shit, or is it the beginning of a career long cough?

  2. It should clear up soon, I dont weed can give you a cough that lasts forever. :smoking:
  3. What have you smoked out of?

    Im a daily smoker and when i use my regular spoon constantly, after a while i get a really bad cough(like right now which i have, and its the same cough ive had before..) but it should just go away.. mine takes a long time because i still smoke while having the couch, but i try to use more water filtered peices if i have a cough
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    It's from the low quality weed you've been smoking. Usually lower quality mids and schwag are grown with chemical nutrients that aren't properly flushed out or were dried in a hurry, bricked up and left uncured. Most times it will be extremely harsh on the lungs, not to mention, THC is already an expectorant but normally does not cause sore throat, only the coughing up of mucus. Better bud usually = better taste, but not always.. even the best strains can be cured or dried improperly, so if you can, do a test run before you buy any large quantities off of anyone.

    Edit: Who counts how many times they've toked haha?
  5. Most of it went into a giant joint.
  6. This is why when I get a bag of bobby brown I just make a bunch of cannabutter:D
  7. Maybe you inhaled ash and it burned to the back of your throat. Happened to me and lasted like a year.
  8. I was gonna ask the same thing haha. Not to be disrespectful I'm just wondering what the purpose of counting the times you smoked is
  9. Use a bong


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