Bad cough weed??

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    I'm sure this applies to smoking as well, but it seems more noticeable with vapes.

    I think it's caused by not flushing or not balancing nutrient levels, but idk for sure. But you can tell bad cough weed apart from good weed on the very first toke. It will almost cause your lungs to itch and throb, like there was eczema on your throat and lungs.

    The tingly sensation in the lungs and throat lingers for up to 1-2 hours, gradually wearing off. Normal weed certainly makes me cough, but it never irritates my lungs this much. It's a wetter cough, whereas bad weed gives a dry cough.

    Maybe not the best description, but lmk if you've had similar experiences.
  2. If its vapor and its making you cough its not because it was grown poorly, it means it was grown well.

    THC is a lung irritant, so with a vape, its going to be the more sativa, higher grade stuff that makes you cough and tickles the hell out of your throat.
  3. Well, it seems like the stuff that tickles get me less high than the stuff I consider smoother, with a wetter cough. It's very close, maybe a tie, but the bad cough weed doesn't get me THAT much more stoned. They both look like chronic or kush, and both test out at 18-22%, with low CBD/CBN. It's just one kind of weed gives me a very bad cough, without anything to show for it.

    I've heard THC is an expectorant, and I know by now how it feels, but this tickley sensation seems like it's due to some foreign chemical.
  4. Unless you have some weird moldy weed or something :bolt:. Its not like vapor has anything else in it. If that's really what you're experiencing Id stay away from clearly messed up weed. I've never experienced anything of the sort. I love the feeling when it tickles my throat cause I know its dank.
  5. I don't think it's mold, but how could I know for sure? I don't see anything, but I don't exactly own a microscope. I could send it to a lab, but that's extra money.

    One guy who gave me this foul weed picks it same day, so it's like 6 hours old. The bud has no time to mold; the plants and roots would have to be moldy.

    I think this is just some new way of fertilizing which ruins the plants. I once had a salad with a tomato grown using Miracle Grow, and it tasted terrible. This weed has the exact same flavor, so that's my first instinct, but I have no way of verifying it. I know only one person who admitted to me he used Miracle Grow in his weed, and though I never vaped his danks, they smelled kind of funky.

    This is no pleasant tickling sensation, it's more like an irritating itch or rash.

    Whenever I get this weed, I send it back or else just throw it in the fireplace. But there seems to be more and more of it cropping up around me. Consider yourself lucky not to have run into any.
  6. Honestly I consider you unlucky to have run into some rather than the reverse. Seems rare especially because it seems like you're in a medical state.

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