Bad Company 2 or Modern Warfare 2 with poll

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  1. for ps3, anyone? I can only afford 1 game at the moment so what do you think would be the best choice
  2. bad compay 2 if you want team based combat that takes thought, tactics and gun skill, vehicles. mw2 if you want mindless sprinting around knifing people from 5 feet away and spraying people in the back.
  3. mw2 for those reasons ^
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    i had both for ps3 and both are really good multilayer wise,but mw2 is the better game

    uncharted 2 and mw2= best mp on ps3
  5. Bad company 2 wins by a huge margin IMO.
  6. depends what kinda gamer you from mw2 have been conditioned to get a kill every 20 seconds andbe at the top of the leaderboard all the time, if they don't they get pissed.
  7. Played both and ended up selling Battlefield. It was fun, but it just didnt keep my interest like MW2. The campaign was fun, but MW2 is more coherent and had a story. The multiplayer is ok, but MW2 has the all the split screen stuff that you can do with a friend.
    +1 MW2
  8. BC2 fixed everything I disliked about BC1 and with that I converted from MW2 to BC2 and I don't see myself going back. From the sounds to the 'feel' of the gameplay, it just sucks me into the atmosphere. The fact you have to work as a team to complete stuff and not just run-and-gun make it more fun for me too...more thought. My only real gripe is EA and how much they suck.
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    Bad company dude. Its hard to have fun playing COD online anymore.

    Half the damn time the game will start and lag out for 2 minutes than come back and some dude has 15 kills already. (MW2)

    Or someone is using some bullshit glitch.

    People are to serious about their k/d in MW2. There is a lot of teamwork in BC2 especially if you play with friends
  10. I bought the MW2 map-pack and didn't play it once. After having played Bad Company for a month I couldn't go back to Modern Warfare.

    Modern Warfare is a more polished game, but Bad Company provides a unique experience with every game I play.

  11. i feel the same way...i just love bc2

  12. What makes MW2 a "more polished" game?
  13. BFBC2 for the pc.

    The console version is absolute trash compared to the pc version.

    MW2 is MW1 with a few new maps and new weapons. MW2 sucked the big one.
  14. My god its tied!
  15. Im taking a break from xbox because i was spending a lot of my free time gaming and it was getting boring.

    After my exams ill start playing again and maybe even go back to Cod4 that was a great game.

    Oh and i had the Demo for BC2 and didn't like it that much..
  16. There both good in there own ways but I prefer BC2 and get call of duty 4 cause its way better than mw2. Almost all guns in mw2 is overpowered and people glitch in that game and boost their ranking.But bc2 has bigger maps,great vehicles, and not that much glitchers.But both games have campers but everyone camps once in a while.
  17. MW 2 for me. I always loved FPS but hate the games where you have to rely on a team to win. If I can't win the game on my own, it's not for me. I don't have ANY friends on my account. If I have to rely on strangers, I'm fucked half the time or more. I always play Team Deathmatch Express and go solo. I love team based games where I play like its a free for all. Dont want to talk to anyone while I'm playing...
  18. Graphics for one, but in general it just feels like a tighter engine (whatever that means :smoking:). Melee in COD feels better, you can tell where you're being sniped from, grenades feel more real to throw.

    I feel kind of disconnected from the BC universe, but it has more perks.
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    Considering a new call of duty is coming out in a 6 months I would have to say BC2

  20. November isn't exactly a few months.

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