Bad Breath

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  1. I smoke 2-4 L's everyday an my breath smells like there's a dead raccoon corpse in my throat:wave:

    ps. i cant wait for people to start posting all the creative an funny "cool story bro" graphics those are the bomb, peacee.
  2. [​IMG]

    Problem solved :smoke:

  3. Dude, Just hit the bathroom an went to town on the rotting whole in the face we call the mouth. My homie hooked it up with that colgate total advanced clean, now im feelin like a motherfuckin spring day no doubt:D
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    YES:hello: wait thats not the same shit get the fuck out of here
  5. I went to the bar with one of my buddy's the other night and I turned to face him while he was talking to me and it hit me like a punch to the face.
  6. Oral hygiene wins every time :D

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