Bad bong taste

Discussion in 'General' started by BlizzyGotMeDizzy, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. so I’ve looked around and even found a thread with the exact same name, but I can’t seem to figure it out.
    For some reason the past 2-3 bongs I’ve had have tasted terrible, and I’m talking about from day one.. even when it’s clean it still tastes bad. I know it’s not the bud because I’ve hit it in my friends bong and it wasn’t fine.
  2. Are they glass bongs?

    Acrylic or other materials tend to stink.
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  3. yea glass is the way to go even if you can't afford scientific/heady glass.

    i've never owned a bong that wasn't glass but when i've smoked out of plastic or ceramic bongs i didn't get the full taste of the bud. probably because the bowl piece is usually metal on those. never been a fan of smoking out of metal.
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  4. Yes, they’ve all been glass, I just bought this piece that I have now at a local headshop a month or 2 ago for about $100 and I was told it worked better with bud.
    Idk tho, it’s not like it’s the worst taste in the world, I just want the bud taste lol
  5. Maybe clean it more often?
  6. I’ve tried haha, like I’ve cleaned it multiple times in a day and it still does nothing..
    maybe my taste buds just switched up and I don’t like it anymore or something
  7. Maybe it's your upper lip.


    Clean and them clenam again with vinegar and rinse well.

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