Bad And Good Experiences with LSD

Discussion in 'General' started by Freak, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. I smoked weed forever... and some people were talkin bout LSD... One of my friends tried it... and OH my GOD it looked so fun... Would you guys stay away from it... or just go ahead and do it? Any cool trips to share... I might do it this weekend.
  2. LSD 's fun id go for it....but thats me read up on it 1st... and see if you still wanna...
  3. I would stay away from it, but that's just me. It's very harsh on your brain cells, but I don't think once or twice will hurt you. Again, and what all drugs have you done? LSD is a huge jump from pot, so you should research it, etc...peace
  4. pot and boomers... only shit i've done :) lsd a big jump eh :|

    and they say lsd don't do much dmg
  5. yea trying its not gonna hurt ya man...just dont get to the point where drop like every week...
  6. I guess I'm a little freaked out about it since in like 5th grade in dare, they made it sound like you only see bad things, such as ants crawling all over your skin. I know this is not true tho, just something that's stuck in my mind.

  7. Dare told me that if you take LSD even just once, theres a chance your kids will be born with birth defects.

  8. I have had a couple amazing LSD experiencing. Make sure you know what you're doing though. Probably start with boomers.

  9. Who says its harsh on your brain cells? Only 1% of the LSD actually passes the blood brain barrier. Also, LSD has a very high therapeutic index.
  10. Yea, go for it :hippie:
  11. just remember you cant fly!

  12. just what I heard from a friend...I guess I can't rely on it too he is one of the biggest druggies I know
  13. what are boomers??
  14. Boomers are mushies. Shrooms.

    I'd go for it with the acid. I finally found somebody that's NOT in jail that can get me some acid for $4 a hit in a 50 hit vial. Not a bad price at all, seeing as how there's none of it around here. Might pick some up this weekend if I can.
  15. If I would ever consider doing LSD, first I'd have to eat like 4.5-5 grams of boomers and be fine with it first.
  16. if i could do acid every day with an unlimited supply, i probably would regardless of the effects on my brain. definitely fun.

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