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Discussion in 'Movies' started by Dube Komsi, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. maybe this is just me, but it seems like when i'm high and i watch a movie, sometimes i can really pick out bad acting. it seems like i never do this when i'm straight though. anyone else relate to this at all?
  2. bye bye for now:cool:vrROOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!SkiRTTTTTT!@ \
  3. YES
    man i used to do this all the time, i think ive just gotten used to it now because most of the time i watch tv or movies i AM high. :rolleyes:
  4. Yeah It's like when you're blazed you can just tell their acting and it's not real. I'll be watching two people talking to each other or something and think "ok seriously, no one would respond like that in RL"
  5. I thought I was I definitely become more aware of the acting, both good and bad. It's weird. I also tend to notice minor indiscrepencies like glasses going from full to half empty to full again in the same scene, people magically changing position from shot to shot, and cigarettes changing length.
  7. Yeah I definately can't enjoy some movies when i'm baked because I realise how bad the acting is..even though I'll watch the same movie sober and think it's alright. So yeah I'm in the same boat haha.
  8. Exact same here.

    24 is such a great show if your sober

    if your baked you just cringe
  9. i liked the movie Once because none of it feels like acting at all. .

    the way they captured human emotion and feeling in that movie is terrific

    i dont know if they won any awards for their performance. . but id give em a bunch
  10. i've never heard of that one. might have to check it
  11. I feel exactly the same way man! I bought this movie called Too Cool, and it had the worst acting ive ever seen in my life. It was terrible while i was blazed..
  12. I completely agree. I barely like watching most movies for exactly this reason.
  13. off topic christian bale in the new batman sucked imo
  14. yeah man, his lisp really started pissing me off after a while.
  15. haha, he was ok in the first batman, but yea i agree that he kind of got annoying how he always muttered...and off topic...tsarone^^^ looks like christian bale a bit..when hes hitting a bong.
  16. i once tried to watch king kong on shrooms and it turned me off of movies for like a year.
  17. looks like?

  18. From the new batman, I really don't know what the whole 'heath ledger' hype was about..

    I guess he did his best, for a terrible script! Was just awful, and no one could have made it good.

    As for bad acting, (or miscasting) the worst I can think of in the past year is in "No Country for Old Men"... Movie was altogether awesome, but Woody Harrelson ruined it!
  19. I, too, notice this more when I'm high.

    And for the record, Kevin Costner can't act.
    Why does anyone hire that guy? He has no freaking facial expressions! He's like Keanu Reeves but without the benefit of actually being Keanu Reeves, which isn't really that cool anyway but probably gets you laid more.

    Yeah, I don't like Kevin Costner.

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