Bad Acid!!!!

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  1. I will take this advice, but people being misinformed about drugs really irks me, especially when they spread their misinformation to other people as a matter of fact.

    I needed to point out that you were wrong so that other people don't listen to you either.

    I don't think you're lying dude, but you are wrong.
  2. acid is nothing like heroin or "synthetic heroin" and its a helluva lot cheaper than heroin. i highly doubt you have opiate based tabs in your area, it just doesnt make sense DUH DUH DUH!

    dont try to cook anything unless youre a damn good chemist. just grow some shrooms.
  3. im in oz i think customs would pick up everything and anything that comes thru.......
  4. i guess youll just have to take what you can find in your area then. i wouldnt try to manufacture drugs unless i had extensive chemistry knowledge.
  5. I think i'll take your advice on that one. is it hard to stuff up making an acid trip.. the recipe and method i have seems simple enuff. its just no one i know has balls to do it, and its a reliable recipe too
  6. all measurements have to be to the exact micrometer so u would need expensive chemistry equipment. Not to mention you would need to have an extensive knowledge of organic chemistry.
  7. Hmmm, I'll marinate on that and let ya know.. Then does that mean that the people who are making the drugs are only chemists? actualy stuff that entire idea, im no garage cook.

    I think i may just eat some acid right now :D

    Zeeeee Dooook
  8. I know a guy that had a habit of thinking he was a potato chip when he tripped. He fell down and thought he cracked himself. He still thinks he's a cracked chip.
  9. I've heard many many stories like this, also people thinking they are a glass of orange juice and will spill if they fall.

    No offense but I refuse to believe these stories. They wreak of urban legend, it's always basically the same shit and the person always is permanently fucked up.

    It's just a load of shenanigans I tells ya.
  10. Well iv tripped hell hard before but a good one and iv never thought any stupid shit like that, last trip i had.. u know the fury doctor suss hat well in KFC old mate walked in with one and it was like 15x bigger then his head and instead of being red and white it was layers of every fluro colour ever to exist. what a mad feed at kfc on acid :rolleyes: good times.
  11. quoted for truth
  12. No. He's in the hospital. He just sat around usually and mentioned shit about chips. Then he cracked! I dunno. But he's not out. Maybe he's a different food product now? Syd Barret?
  13. Are you saying you knew Syd Barrett?
  14. I wish. I was really high when I wrote that. I think I might of meant maybe he thinks he's Syd Barret now.

    Or, Syd Barret was permanently fucked up from acid.

    Or both.

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