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  1. Bacon

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  2. Bacon and Eggs

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  3. Canadian Bacon

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  4. FatBack

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  5. Bacon Cheeseburg

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  6. Bacon a L'orange

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  7. BLT

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  8. Bacon Sandwhich

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  9. Bacon Bits

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  10. Kevin Bacon???

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  1. Bacon
    Bacon and Eggs
    Canadian Bacon
    Bacon Cheeseburg
    Bacon a L'orange
    Bacon Sandwhich
    Bacon Bits

    know what im sayin?

    Kevin Bacon???

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  2. Bacon, bacon cheeseburgers, and bacon and eggs! Fuck yea! Shit, I think I made a thread about bacon cheeseburgers before, lol.
  3. Bacon rules!!!

    Any way you want to eat it.. Except for Kevin Bacon!
  4. MMMM Bacon......

    Great thread! I love bacon, its great on burgers and there is NOTHING better then frying up some elk backstrap in bacon grease and flour in a cast iron pan.
  5. bacon cheesburgers! red robin :p blts! hell im eating a bacon grilled cheese right now lol

    king of queens is funy but only because of jerry stiller lol
    the only time i ever laughed at kevin bacon on that showwas when he got his nuts staples to his ups shorts ahahhaa
  6. Kevin Bacon?

  7. Yea, he's in every movie you have ever seen.
  8. ahahah ooops i was thinking of kevin jamesLOL you know the stand up comic

    haha ya ..i dont like kevin bacon. cept in footloose :D
  9. theres a movie theater around here that is also a "restaurant", pretty much they "cook" frozen food and you eat it while you watch a movie. Anyway, they got a burger called the Kevin Bacon Burger.
  10. i <3 bacon.... it's the best part of a pig.... an hell if i had a pig i'd even name it bacon ( though i know its been done before)

    nothing better then waking up alll shot and hung over going to the deli and getting a bacon egg and hash brown with salt pepper and ketchup on a roll:::: drool::: with a large iced tea...

    so yeah... there's nothng wrong with bein bacon unless your the pig !


  11. uh, yeah--

    I wanna eat it with my eggs
    I wanna eat it with beer in kegs
    Can you eat it on some bread?
    Can you eat it if you're dead?

    bacon bacon bacon
    with eggs I will be makin
    scrapple or strip or patty
    it tastes great and its phatty!
  12. thats beautiful man, you could be the next dr. seuss you bastard! you stole my dream job!
  13. Bacon is best in the Wendys bacon cheese burger. oh oh, and the Burgerville Colossous Burger. Which some/most of you wont know what Burgerville is, but i garentee you it is puuuure ownage. However it's expensive because they use fresh food's grown in the Northwest. I'm gettin hungry thinking about it.
  14. Im sorry but you never had decent bacon, american bacon is too streaky got loads of bits of fat and stuff in it....

    My butchers down the road sell the best bacon and oatcakes....

    *contemplates why hee is writing in this thread?*
  15. Bacon, eggs, biscuits, and gravy for breakfast..

    You gotta love bacon!
  16. Yes, it is the bacon that holds together a good breakfast. Some scrambled eggs with bits of sausage mixed in with it and a shitload of bacon with some homefries and tea and some more bacon is the greatest breakfast ever.
  17. BACON EGG AND CHEESE CROISSSANWICHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. European bacon rules. American bacon sucks. Canadian
    bacon is just ham, basically. Still better than American.
    Canadian bacon is good on a pizza.

    All my own personal opinion of course. I'm rambling.

    Mmmm... bacon.

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