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  1. Bacon is sooo fucking good. I just made some with some oj and some toast. Sat down to watch straw dogs really fucked up movie. Smoked some og kush and enjoyed :smoke:
  2. [​IMG]

    Mmmmm Bacon

  3. I would NOT hesitate to destroy that bacon, and then that poonani.

  4. I'd just start going at it with both of them and eat the bacon as I go along :D
  5. Why are there no strains called Bacon? Bacon Kush, OG Bacon, Super Bacon Haze, Francis Bacon, so many possibilities.
  6. back bacon rules - none of that stripy shit.
  7. i ate an entire pack of bacon recently and reconsidered my use of this meat...

    i didnt feel so good after that.

  8. if you eat an entire pack of anything your'e usually not gonna feel great anyways.

    and don't most bacon come in 1 pound packages? lol
  9. I'm not gonna be that person but after further examination of that picture, I've come to the conclusion that some of that girls bra MAY be made with prosciutto.

    But I digress, I love Bacon.
    I own a shirt that says Bacon makes everything better :)
    But I prefer to cook it in the microwave, to save time and grease burns.
  10. i looooove bacon greasy fattning bacon but i just recently switch to a healthier coice of bacon turkey bacon

  11. Oh my word..og bacon... I'd smoke a j of it, eat some bacon, blend some bacon up into a bacon smoothie, and watch some documentary concerning bacon:smoke:
  12. I think bacon loving is at its all time high...have any of you tasted the bacon sundae from burger king? I'm probably gonna taste this bad boy today..hopefully its not a dissapointment

  13. i like bacon but i dont think its the greatest thing ever...i mean i hate when people put bacon on steaks and stuff because i feel like it makes my delicious steak taste like bacon..i like steak a lot more than bacon.
  14. mmmm steaks with bacon....

    bacon doughnuts are the best. BBQ bacon pizza is the greatest invention in culinary history.
  15. Bacons the dirtiest form of meat. Y'all disgusting

  16. Words hurt man
  17. those of you may be interested in this, its a cook book i bought called "everything tastes better with bacon"
    i think it has the better part of 100 recipes, all sorts of different shit with bacon. its incredible! homemade bacon jam, bacon pie, meat loaf with bacon.....
    i know i would weigh a few less pounds if it were not for this book (not that im overweight by any means, but i have a six pack showing through a little bit of dough)

  18. Holy shit

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