Backyard grower: who do you think we are being slaves to?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by letsmokeasweet, Jan 12, 2023.

  1. A tip of my crazy theory is the corporations/industrialist started ‘public education’ to train the population to be good workers. Ever hear the educator say ‘we want to raise good and productive citizens’

    it’s starts from there…
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  2. Not a crazy theory, its fact. School isnt much different than work. Spend your childhood learning to work and becoming used to the regimen, spend your adulthood working, maybe spend a couple years relaxing at the end, then die.
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  3. But you can still control YOUR destiny. U don’t have to go along with all that and u can do ur own thing

    u will be punished. And they will make it hard.
    but If u make it, life could be better then it is for others
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  4. oh trust me, i do what i want.
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  5. We're pretty much all dependent on our smartphones these days, making us more or less slaves to Apple and Google. I am 100% certain life would be far better without smartphones.

    However, let us not forget that there is real slavery right now in the world, possibly more than there ever was in the past. In the Middle East and North Africa Arab Muslims are enslaving black Africans. China is paying adults and children little more than slave wages to work demanding jobs in dangerous factories. Kids throughout sub-Saharan Africa are forced to go down into dangerous mines to obtain gems. There is also sex slavery around the world. Funny thing is, I never hear BLM or really anyone on the left say anything about this. No, they only want to blame Americans and Europeans, who were pretty much the only countries throughout history to end slavery, and they did it 150+ years ago.
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  6. Just noticed this thread.
    It seems your basically asking "who are (they)"
    I can attempt to answer that, but it feels like a vague and broad question. Kinda like answering what is the meaning of life.
    Do you literally want a list of names, or what exactly?

    There's a quote that's roughly "to know who controls you, look to who you can't criticize"

    I would like to answer, but maybe the topic can be focused a bit.
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  7. I have a smartphone and it's turned off from 9pm to 9am. Nothing is going to happen between those hours that would make me want to turn it on. Half the time during the day the ringer is off anyway. So nope, no slavery to the phone for me. If I go out to dinner with my new gf, I usually don't even take my phone with me. I absolutely hate, hate, HATE the sound of a ringing phone due to all the years I was on call 24/7 so now I do all I can to avoid them. My sons know if they want me, they can text me and I'll see it first thing in the morning... My last gf WAS a slave to a phone, she'd sit there during a conversation or dinner scrolling through her messages and ignoring me. Enough of that...
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  8. Workers yes, slaves no. A worker can quit, a slave can't. Being a slave to a phone isn't a slave at all. Just saying. Getting an education that leads to a productive job that allows us to support a family is in the best interests of each or us and all of us. Consider the alternatives. Plus working for someone is still easier than growing our own food, making our clothes, and living in a dugout without utilities.
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  9. Time don’t tell me, I tell it
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  10. The rich . Obviously their main thing in life is money. They'll do anything for it. It's an addiction ,that they will never have enough of.
    The day I started working for myself was my first day of freedom.
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  11. It is interesting isn’t it…this country ended slavery, yet we are demonized for it still. While ur still having it elsewhere.
    they dangle that retirement/hope in your face to keep u focus on the end
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  12. What is rich to you? Lots of
    Money? A big house? A yatch? A family? Good wife? Happiness? What’s rich?
    at what point does it become ‘rich’?

    I work for myself as well. Actually for my family but still and that freedom is the best. It’s hard because EVERYTHING is on ur shoulders and there is no one to blame but yourself, but even so, that’s how it is supposed to be. It’s all on that individual to take the path they want to take, not be forced to take one they don’t want to take. And that’s why most everyone is not happy
  13. I don’t think the names would even matter. It’s more then just one individual.
    it’s more then just one generation.

    I think of it as a ugly blob that has spread itself all over. Just a giant mess everyone suffers because of it. a living organism that evolves and grows. It adapts to change and threats. It creates change. It is always reproducing so if one part of it dies off, there are four more new ones. Very created, with thousands of young minds wanting to prove themselves, very manipulative.
    The longer the blob is left alone, the longer and harder it is to defeat it

    so next week we are going to have this large conference. I believe the number is over 300 Business leaders and CEO’s from all over the world will meet to discuss current events, issues and to form a plan for the new year. Set their goals and implement them.
    Also in attendance will be representatives (John Kerry one of them) for the United States, as well as high ranking members of other country governments

    this merger of business and government…

    u finish….
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  14. I pretty much use my phone to make money selling my fences. Sometimes I get on here. I read the news. Listen to music while I am working. I love the fact that I can listen to five different versions of dark side of the moon in one day all day long! I Use the maps. Look for kid eat free nights I turn it off at night also. Some people text late and it’s annoying. But I kinda need my phone. There are days when I won’t use it just because. But damn, I didn’t realize how much I need my phone lol
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  15. I agree with everything u say except for ‘getting a productive job’
    I would change that to ‘producing income’ I wish I had learned that when I was younger
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  16. Rich= those who value/ love material possessions .
    Those that love/ value power.

    Now when we say rich values, it's
    a great wife and family,and being able to be self sufficient.
    I have a big house , I built entirely myself, I practice taoism.
    I have very little money, yet, some would say I'm rich.
    I have rich values imo.
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    every man is intitled to there own religion and what they believe in and i think you nailed it on the define of rich ,i believe there is a tree of life ,
    it has many branches
    those branchs all represent difrent sectors of life and religions , even the rich are on the tree , what is in the heart makes you rich , what is in the wallet make you greed
    there is a balance and you nailed it bro.
    from those branches grow leaves
    we as the human are those leaves, those leaves shrivel up and die
    we are a wave in the ocean a vapor in the wind
    thats how fast it all disappears , so rich can also be wealth in evil and or faith
    it all comes down to your faith in your own beliefs
    thats what makes you rich
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  18. Well said bro, it's nice to hear it like that :)
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  19. I've been thinking about how to answer the question. It's a very complex question and answer. Let's smoke a sweet described it well as a blob, and a blob of many parts. That answers very little for someone actually curious about who controls them though.
    I don't think I'll be able to answer in a single post. I don't want to focus too hard on naming names, largely because I cannot name them all, but giving a direct example seems like a decent enough way to start.
    Bill Gates
    Bill Gates and his friends are some of the people running the world and controlling your life. I'll provide sources, and I'll try to summarize those sources as best I can.
    Starting with a Politico article, lest someone accuse me of using sources biased to the right.
    How Bill Gates and partners used their clout to control the global Covid response — with little oversight
    This article talks about Bill Gates and 4 of his "charities" that he's created. Together the charities gave over $10 billion dollars to "covid relief" Bill Gates himself (not his charities) gave 6 billion. Despite all of this generosity, Bill Gates, his friends, and the charities net wealth have all drastically increased.
    Bill Gates an unelected official, met on a weekly basis with world leaders, such as Biden, Angela Merkle, Trudeau, etc... as well as all of the "health officials" he controlled the WHO, he dictated how almost every country in the world reacted to the "pandemic". He decided which companies got funded, which companies got patents, which companies got orders. He was responsible for all other therapeutics besides the vaccine being ignored/demonized. He was directly in control of the entire global response to covid, and him and his friends profited massively off of all of this, and no one is even talking about Bill.

    A few highlights just to show I'm not completely full of it, without forcing you to read such a long article.
    This is just a tiny peak into Bill's bullshit. I'll continue the post later. 16 Gates controls it all.PNG 24 gates chooses which companies to fund.PNG 30H Gates rules for thee.jpg 40H Gates control cabal.jpg
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  20. Bill Gates, likes to roam naked and has too many farms and farmland.
    I think he's gonna have all the immigrants work his farms, for little pay , and have them all work naked .
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