Backwoods Blunts

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    These cigars are naturally hand-rolled and not machine rolled like most cigars/wraps are. Personally, the tobacco high (from the leaf) and the kush high both combine to create a harsh,yet heavy hitting L. The headrush it provides is a one-of-a-kind high to experience.[​IMG]
    What are all of y'allz thoughts on these?

  2. There nice once in a while if you know how to roll em.
    Some people cut the blunt after it's unraveled so it looks pretty rectangular and roll it like a regular blunt.
    Look up some videos on youtube if you want.
  3. I used to smoke Backwoods on the WC heavy back in 04'
  4. Only the sweet aroma. Best one

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  5. I wanna try one, how do you roll these, Ive always failed....
  6. You unravel the leaf like a bluntville/entourage cigar, roll it angled like a banana leaf it is lol 
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    I've yet to try rum or black flavored, honey is the best tho
  8. Get a joint roller, cut the leaf to the size of a joint paper. Then roll it like a joint.

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  9. If i'm gonna roll a blunt its only gonna be a backwood, their so much smoother than any of the machine rolled cigars not to mention they taste amazing. Honeyberrys bomb 
  10. i concur. ever since i smoked my first backwood a couple years back i've always been strongly against rolling anything else. however there are always times when a backwood isn't always available so i'll fall back to an optimo or some shit. nothing compared to a nicely rolled wood. anyone smoked the banana flavored woods? i heard about them just recently...steady on the hunt 
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    Dude they're not smooth at all, they are known to be very harsh because of the aging & dark brown color of the cigars They do give out an amazing headrush, but smooth? Hell No
  12. In comparison with a swisher or philly a backwood is way smoother
  13. it's true. smoke a backwood to yourself then smoke a swisher or something to yourself and you will know what he/we mean(s). you can definitely feel the chemicals in your lungs with swishers and other shit like that. 
  14. I bought some cuz i was told it was smooth smokin n it was since i rolled it perfectly but honestly i did not enjoy it. It had me light headed as if i smoked 3 cigarettes in a minute n it overpowered the taste of my kush. Ill stick to swisher sweets.

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