Backstabbers Suck!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Deleted member 30302, May 26, 2006.

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  2. thats fucking gay, glad no fights were fought, i guess.
  3. sweet friends that were down to help you get back. that's crazy though, man. i would've prolly used violence or broke shit lol
  4. I woulda just chilled in his house till he showed up.
  5. shoulda just took the tv and sold it
  6. I don't know dude..he may be the winner here..he's got the herb.

  7. ding ding ding

    we have a winner
  8. if he would have done that to me, his house =


    must be the muslim in me

    lol im going to hell
  9. i didnt read anything but that explosionj is awesome Reppage+
  10. The money was on the table and it was not tooken back.

    What's wrong in this picture?
  11. Awesome, one time my friends and I hid in this house where this guy I knew lived and he had stolen like 3 ounces from my room and was bragging about it to everyone, I even heard him brag about it, so me and 2 friends just waited at his house and he came home with 3 friends and we just fucking scared the shit out of them, lol one friend had a shotgun(course not loaded) just to make sure the kid didnt bump back after we got my weed, and a little extra ounce back.
    Funny thing is I live in a pretty decent neigborhood and this happened in a pretty nice one too.
  12. i feel you man that is dick as fuck i hope you tought him a lesson
  13. yeah man holy fuck, the money was sitting right there and you didn't fucking take it?
  14. have one of your friends that knows him but doesnt particulary mind getting some free money or weed set up a fake deal, kinda like he did. Except this time have him go to a location where you can fuck him up, steal your weed back (or more) and have him learn his lesson the hard way.

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