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Backstabbers Suck!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by NEbud420, May 26, 2006.

  1. Alright, I've been friends with this guy for 3 years. One of my buddies and also my best connection. Yesterday I went down to his place to pick up 2 ounces of dank ($500) for memorial day weekend. Everything goes fine with the transaction, we smoke a fat blunt, and I'm out the door.

    Driving back home I feel as though I'm being watched, wondering why I feel this way because I've never been one to get paranoid from smoking weed. I check out my rear view and I see this black jeep behind me, nothing out of the ordinary. After that blunt I was feeling a little hungry so I stopped at my local grocery store. Picked up some food and headed back into my car, already munching on some snacks. I catch a glimpse of what I thought was the same jeep I saw before parked 3 spaces down. I also catch the driver looking at me and suddenly turning away when I returned the stare.

    Now I have to go to wally-world to get a birthday present for my cousin. I take a long time inside Wal-mart... choices, choices, choices.... and finally decide to get him The Godfather for Xbox. When I get into my car... something isn't right. It reeks of weed in there and my buddy always uses a vacuum sealer to avoid this issue with transportation. I figure there must've been a small hole in the bag or something. I reach down into my spot to check, and its gone!

    I haven't even told anyone about this pick-up! The only people who know about it are me and.. BAM! When I see the black jeep speed off I make the connection. My fucking dealer had planned to steal this bag back from me but his accomplice wasn't doing such a good job being stealthy. I watched him drive off, while grabbing my cellphone, and walking back into Wal-mart to make another purchase.

    I bought a few black ski masks, sweatshirts, and pants, 3 of each. Called up a few of my friends and told to meet me a few streets over from my "friend's" house. When they got out of the car asking me what this was about, I threw them the black clothes and they knew what was going to happen. I was planning on beating the shit out of this kid, but I either wanted my money, or my bud back, I wouldn't be satisfied with blood! I sent them into his house with bats. Dumbass ran-off with his friend before we got there. To top it off he left my fucking money in the same spot it was in earlier when I paid him, right on the table.

    They searched his house for any other money or bud but found nothing. Instead of smashing his plasma screen TV like I had planned to, I decided to take a more subtle approach after remembering a friends specialty. This friend works at Circuit City, and knows this TV top to bottom. What he did was completly hollow out the TV of any components. I think this was a much more sinister plan since the guy would come home and think, "Wow, nothings been broken, and I didn't lose any money, it didn't go as I planned but it was still a success." And when he sat down in his leather chair, to smoke a blunt of the dank I paid for, infront of his plasma, he would try to turn it on. He would get up and examine the TV, finally realizing it was hollow.

    I went to bed that night, with a bat at my side, expecting a few visitors. Instead he fucked up my piece of shit car's engine. The plasma screen must've ran him a little over two grand, since it was around a 4 foot screen. My car, which I had towed to the mechanic to assess the damage, will be costing me 400 bucks to repair. I think I've had it with this and its obvious who took more financial damage. What I don't want is alot of bloodshed, so I figured I'd be the mature one and "forget" to get back at him. This could've escalted to a higher physical level(first bats then knives etc.) and now that I'm thinking I'm glad it didn't become physical at all.

    Like I said he was one of my good friends for 3 years, I gave him buisness every week. What I question is the motive of this action. I knew he was into harder substances but we never discussed that. I figure he was going to take my money, and the bud, and go sell the bud for a more expensive price to somebody else. I was getting this stuff at minimal profit for him, and I suspect he was planning on using the funds to buy hard drugs. So now I'm at home, no bud, 100$, no car, no decent hook-up, one less friend. I have a feeling this memorial day weekend is gonna suck for me:mad: .

  2. thats fucking gay, glad no fights were fought, i guess.
  3. sweet friends that were down to help you get back. that's crazy though, man. i would've prolly used violence or broke shit lol
  4. I woulda just chilled in his house till he showed up.
  5. shoulda just took the tv and sold it
  6. I don't know dude..he may be the winner here..he's got the herb.

  7. ding ding ding

    we have a winner
  8. if he would have done that to me, his house =


    must be the muslim in me

    lol im going to hell
  9. i didnt read anything but that explosionj is awesome Reppage+
  10. The money was on the table and it was not tooken back.

    What's wrong in this picture?
  11. Awesome, one time my friends and I hid in this house where this guy I knew lived and he had stolen like 3 ounces from my room and was bragging about it to everyone, I even heard him brag about it, so me and 2 friends just waited at his house and he came home with 3 friends and we just fucking scared the shit out of them, lol one friend had a shotgun(course not loaded) just to make sure the kid didnt bump back after we got my weed, and a little extra ounce back.
    Funny thing is I live in a pretty decent neigborhood and this happened in a pretty nice one too.
  12. i feel you man that is dick as fuck i hope you tought him a lesson
  13. yeah man holy fuck, the money was sitting right there and you didn't fucking take it?
  14. have one of your friends that knows him but doesnt particulary mind getting some free money or weed set up a fake deal, kinda like he did. Except this time have him go to a location where you can fuck him up, steal your weed back (or more) and have him learn his lesson the hard way.

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