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  1. I recently had some legal problems, spent about a week in jail waiting to get bond. Im now waiting for my court date. If i havnt been convicted with anything, or hell, been charged with anything yet, will it show up on a basic backround check? cause i was planning on lying about it on applications but i dont know if that will show up.

  2. Like I said in the other thread...
  3. i reconsidered cause i didnt want to hijack that dudes thread haha. but i mean retail jobs do conduct backround checks and im not sure if something like that would show up on it
  4. What are you applying for/What was the crime?
  5. places like hhgregg, publix, etc. i mostly want backroom and stockroom positions. and the charge was theft by taking
  6. You're def better off putting no on the box, even tough they say that it doesn't affect, if they see that you had a felony theft, you're way less likely to get hired.

    But like I said, if you put no, they probs won't background check you.
  7. well ive been putting no for felony or other charges anyway because technically i havnt.
  8. so pretty much if i say no to all that stuff, they wont even do a backround check?
  9. does anybody know if you can "background check" yourself? to find out whats really on your record
  10. yeah, that would be perfect
  11. I too am interested in knowing this. I'm not really worried about anything, more or less curious. I have petty theft on my record, and attempted arson......but appearantly they either don't check, or don't care cause i just got a job at Papa John's pizza......where i could steal pizza and burn the motherfucker down at the same time!!! XD
  12. bump... anybody?
  13. im not one to post without looking into things first. i went through all of those and they all cost a lot of money, but thanks for the help
  14. Yes indeed. They all cost money. If you want to do a background check you have to pay.
  15. thanks bro
  16. There is a way to do a free background check.... on the websites for most county governments, there should be a link somewhere to search the court records. It can sometimes be hard to locate and is usually divided into separate courts, but you can in fact search for someone's name and anything they've been convicted of, whether it's a felony, misdemeanor, or even a simple traffic violation, it should show up somewhere. Just search for the government website of whatever county you think you have a record in and then look for the link. There is no way to do a national or state-wide search for free as far as I know, but hopefully this will help.

    As far as having a record before you are convicted, you should be fine. I'm fairly positive that no matter where you live, you have to be convicted of the crime before any kind of charge is put on your record. The charge will probably show up on any police databases if you happen to come into contact with a cop, but shouldn't be available to the general public unless you're actually convicted of the offense.
  17. thanks man, i appreciate the feedback. thats what i was thinking too, i just dont want to fuck up a good job opportunity

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