Backpacking/Living across Europe

Discussion in 'General' started by dom12, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Just curious, has anyone ever done or attempted to do this? I've been reading all these stories around GC lately about people's adventures in their lives and this really piqued my interest. I really don't want to have some boring ass generic life, and I want to have all these crazy experiences that I've read about... I would actually consider living over there for a couple years and hold down a job there for a bit maybe, I dont know lol. I have to really organize my thoughts before I have an official plan, but anyway...

    I figured once I graduate college I can make this dream a reality... I wouldn't have to worry about a job, since right out of college I would be working with my dad making bank already, so obviously that job will always be there. I have around 10,000 in the bank just chillin in my account :D so I figured this would be an excellent amount of money to start off with (instead of a car when I graduate, which is what the money was originally for). I don't know hahaha, right now I'm just stoned and rambling, and probably will end up never doing this lol, but I would love to hear some experiences if anyone has ever done this before.

    Oh, and +rep for awesome stories related to bud :smoke:
  2. No, but I plan to do something similar.

  3. Cool man, I'm glad at least someone is like-minded and agrees with me, lol. :D
  4. I wanna do something like this once I get out of school.
  5. If the opportunity arises I would like to go to Africa on some kind of safari research expedition. Its a longshot but a dream.

    I agree that I do not want the typical office life.
  6. Yeah man, I totally agree ^. Even though my dad's job is the "typical office life" I at least want something that I can look back on and be proud of... Just can't wait til the day that I can actually do this though, lmao!

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