Discussion in 'General' started by cs_shoota, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. heay guys... wow, it hasent been a month even... but god damn im glad to be back

    been goin through so much latley and not enough time for my life really, and my comp got broken and hadent had time to fix it

    mouse and keyboard were broke, got my keyboard fixed but now im just using that, so hard to go to basically any site!!

    but im prolly going to run up to best buy to get a new mouse now... mabey after work

    when i can start talkin more ill fill you guys and gals in about all the stupid shit thats been going on... just as a preview, a few new drugs, bad smoking sessions, almost getting kicked out 3 times in the past 2 days.. and its all to come!!! hehe, but im good now so ill be back later!!

    ahhhh home sweet home
  2. welcome back! interested to hear what you've been up to.
  3. welcome back, yeah we wanna hear about those out.........Sid
  4. story! story! story!

    good to have ya back :D
  5. hey,

    "speech speech!!"
    "i think they want you to give a speech"
  6. hey buddy! where the fuck have you been Ive missed ya sooo much!
  7. well, as most or i hope at least some of you know i still live at home, well actually last weekend i has 2 friends over, and one of my friends cousins who smokes.. so basically 3 friends.. well it was pretty early in the day so we just went up to the mall to waste some time.. pretty much the same shit.. ahh screw it im shortening it a little here, went home, called in sick, then started to chill, a few days before then my dad kept smelling pot in my room and kept getting more and more pisses as the smell increased by each day.. so me and the other 3 guys are playing some eucher when my dad walks in and starts bitching because i have people over and im "grounded" talked to him and got him to let them stay, so we did some more chilling and went to watch joe dirt.. i wanted to go and smoke but one of my friends hadent smoked before and just wanted to wait for my dad to go to bed, so we waited.. and waited.. and waited.. he wasent going, so i pulled out the vaporiser and we all took a few hits and all got a little buzzed except for the friend who hadent smoked.. he got pretty high because he did have it in his system before (clambaked my car after a shitload of yager) so he was doing good, bout 20 minutes after that my dad decides to start watching a movie.. FUCK! so after about na hour i say fuck it and pull out a j and tell the two people who have smoked to come over and smoke with me ( my other friend didnt want to because he was paranoid as fuck) so we all sit on the couch and i toss a blanket over us and seal it off so it would keep in the smell and its like clambaking... so we go through 2 monster fatties then just chill there for a while so we get rid of all the smoke, then bout 10 minutes later my other friend decides to try it and we only smoke half the j cuz he wanted to stop... well.... bout 5 minutes later i hear my dad open the door and start to walk down... god gamnit... then turn on the lights... ooo shit here it comes...
    dad "tim.... you guys smoking pot"
    me.... 10 second pause "ummm no, its just me"

    i had to take one for the team, he knew they smoked but couldent proove it, and i didnt want to screw my friends like that so i had to...

    then my dad kept trying to kick me out but i just started bitching him out (hardley ever swear round my parents cause ive been raised not to) but i was just going off on him, more than anyone ive ever bitched at.. then he ended up leaving for the a while and came back yesterday.. dont remember what i said but it sure worked... now hes not mad anymore.. but im still pretty pissed, he smokes and does stupid shit when i do.. well thats it, more soon.... mabey....
  8. welcome back to the city, shoota! you staying for good?

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