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    whats up GC, i just finished up my 10th official Instrumental album 'DistorTed ReaLity'. If your a fan of smooth hip hop beats, there is plenty of tracks for you to vibe to. you can stream the full album on my website at:
    heres a youtube vid of one of the tracks as well
    Check it out and let me know what you think!!

  2. Sick shit son. I'll check the rest of the album out, keep doin' you. Bless 1
  3. thanks for checkin it bruh
  4. Yessir! Friend Request incoming. We can go from there in time. Checking out you out right now :cool:
  5. Atrax whats good on the dl link, You know I love them pimpin beats, and im a big fan of your work, from playa to playa, ill ride around buzzin jamin this one!!
    -Drums are on point (as usual)
    -Sample on point,
    the whole beat is right man , never give that pimp away!!
    sample sounds like some isac or this ffrench prog rock group call saint tropez
  6. if i remember correctly i think that joint is from an Alessandro Alessandroni sample. i might be wrong though..i know one of the beats on there is sampled from him

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