BacK up your BLu ray movie

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  1. Be careful with Blu Ray discs!
    That's why I'd suggest you create a digital copy of your BD on NAS instead of playing blu-ray disc from hard drive with PowerDVD and similar software. A digital copy never breaks; even if the videos get lost, there are numeral ways for recovery. What's more, you have no bother to hunt through for desired disc or place the disc into a player, instead, the ripped blu-ray/DVD movies can be played back anywhere in the house with the right equipments, like Xbox 360, PS3, WDTV, iPad, etc.
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  3. No.

    'Error detection and correction', and 'Forward error correction'
    have been around aslong as encoding has, and the use of adding redundancy bits is common practise to ensure that data can be reconstructed, even when problems like scratches and thumbprints occur.

    "Cross interleaved read solom" code is used aswell as "cyclic redundancy code" so that Burst errors; large chunks of code can be detected and fixed. this tech has been in use for 50 years now.
    The interleaving process for data ensures that large burst errors are broken into smaller recoverable errors when de-interleaved by your player, and then magicall math formulas like "high order polynomial interpolation" are used to correct data based on previous data..and data from the future!.
    Nope, but it can become corrupted, and hard drive failure isn't an unheard of problem.

    Basicly your weak attempt to legitimise Blue Ray piracy is based on lame argeuements, and you should think of some better excuses to peddle your warez ;)

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