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    Alright this story is long and has twists and turns and stops at psych ward, so im going to keep it as short as possible because im having a real tough time right now.

    Graduated high school in 2010. Had been working at a supermarket for a few years and worked there for a couple years after hs. I didnt go right to college after I graduated, but when I did I quit that supermarket job. Now I'm 27, I have 2 degrees, just graduated with my Bachelors last month. Can't find a damn job though, no ones getting back to me, so guess where im working? A f*cking supermarket.

    Im in a new town for the first time ever so i figured that it might be a good idea to get out of my damn room and meet some people while I wait for something fulltime, and I saw the local supermarket needed help, they hired me instantly. Glad i'll be able to get money, maybe meet friends/chicks(havent had sex since 2015) in the interim, but super f*cking pissed that Im back to where I started.

    I have epilepsy and there are many details I'm leaving out but these are the main things I'm frustrated about right now. Plus these stupid f*cking epilepsy pills are making me lose my communication skills by the f*cking day.

    You dont have to reply. I just had to vent. If anyone has kind words or help or similar stories, please share.

    Smoke on.
  2. Be the boss?
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  3. it's the throws of life man. I've been out of college for about a year having to take a elective to be able to pass and now i'm gearing up to retake my gas licence so I don't waste those 2 years of college that I took., am im not even sure i'll pass as I get easily stressed out with ft job and having to find a place to live all while studying.

    I get what you mean I was never on settled ground and have spent the last years trying to get somewhere but even though I have bettered myself im still at base one with what I feel is nothing.
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  4. Dug out my old account just to reply to you, but dude, you need to start an online business. If nobody wants to hire you then you need to be your own boss. Do something simple, learn Shopify dropshipping, and it can change your fucking life, trust me man i went from nearly homeless and broke to making $2000+/day with it. Or something super easy to setup such as clickbank affiliate marketing. Was always worried about not getting a job. But this shit saved me and i really recommend you try it.
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  5. So if you work 20 days a month you're making $480,000 a year? Not bad for a homeless person. It's almost an unbelievable success story.
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  6. Unbelievable story Indeed:rolleyes:...
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  7. What did you did a degree in? B.s or b.a?
  8. You got this. I been in that situation a few time, new job new town. New town being homeless. All of it. You got this man. Go kill it

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