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Back to the Woods 2011 - bagseed organic

Discussion in 'Outdoor Grow Journals' started by ThePot, May 18, 2011.

  1. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is definitely that time of year again :D
    Time for all of us to come out of hiding from the winter and once again head back into the woods to do what we do best. I'm sure it will be another busy year around GC, seen a few of you vets with plans well in action, nice to see most of you still around. :wave: NE growers, definitely say hi!

    I have actually been pretty on top of things this year myself, (new location found, old one revisited, 8 holes dug and filled, supplies ready). Little behind on the actual plants lol but that is more the weather's fault than mine! Been doing significant reading over the past week or so, germed my first 10 seeds and placed the first 7 in rapid rooters earlier today, also started germing 5 more.

    This year is really just a giant mix of all kinds of shit. Main goal is to have a minimum of 10 plants, hopefully slightly more, almost all in the ground, and to significantly outdo last years results. For those that don't know last year was, 5 plants all in 5gal grow bags at the end, not too big, not a huge yield but got some nice bud, no real complaints, just needs improvement!

    This year I am going almost all organic, the only thing that may not be is 2 holes filled with Scott's moisture control, they still got the same organic additives but not certain if I'll switch at some point.

    Scotts Moisture Control 1.25cf, Roots Organic (looks excellent) 1.5 cf, the rest is Promix 2cf+, all mixed with native soil that was actually pretty nice.
    Scott's Humus/Manure 1.5cf, Epsoma Lime, EWC, bone meal, and I also have some high P guano not yet added. Might be looking to add greensand or kelp, not sure yet, if anyone has thoughts on that..
    Fish Emulsion 5-1-1, Neptunes Harvest fish/seaweed, 2-3-1, molasses. Might be adding some beneficial microorganisms/bacteria as well, but that plus guano usually goes pretty far. Just the promix is rather inert, on the weaker side.

    Other things I'll be trying in addition to microbes etc is smart pots, 5-10 gallons, would love some opinions there, thinking at least 7?? And also no added perlite or anything this time around. Oh, and also adding water crystal/granule things for the first time.

    Sorry for the long rant, like to have my shit organized
    Stay safe and good looks to everyone out there :smoke:
  2. Goodluck to you this year my man, seems like you gotta goodplan for this year get some pictures up as soon as you can!
  3. Thanks for stoppin by cordor, have 8 going so far, really need one or two in soil, crazy stretched.
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    Well its been almost 2 weeks since germination, they are still looking pretty weak, haven't been outside or getting much light inside... They are also old seeds, germination rates way down this year for some reason.... Last sunny day was probably the one I started them, so about 2 weeks straight of rain/clouds with a future outlook of.... Sctd t-storms/rain for the NEXT WEEK. fuck. Today is the first day out for 5. Rest still in RRs. 11 total
    Hopefully a better update next time lol :smoke:

    It would be awesome if anyone could tell me what that plant in the last pic is... or point me in the right direction, mainly if it is dangerous/poisonous to me... Don't think it is...

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  5. Yeah man i can see they stretched like crazy, nextime you transplant them just make sure you do it a lot further down so they wont be as stretched. The begingin of this year deff sucks for our little ladies :rolleyes:

    Looks like your spots gonna get full sun allday, gonna be some nice buds!
  6. Yeah, that pic of the clearing is almost completely S, slightly SE, its really not the easiest place to go in/out of, I'll have to take another pic now that the vegetation is back. Already, I had to plant that one really long one at the bottom of the solo cup lol, I want to skip small grow bags and go right in ground if possible, so hopefully it gets hardier asap.
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    Well, somehow between sunrise and now they all died (outside).... I'm going to blame the greenhouse cover's lack of ventilation. It rained last night, weren't dry or anything, only 75 degrees here..... Fuck. Started 7 more...... :eek:
  8. Ouch....must of been those lanky stems that just flopped over and died :/

    Good luck on round 2. And that plant looks like poison oak.
  9. not too much of an update. Got 9 looking pretty good, still in RR. Too hot to go out today, should be transplanted and prob thrown in the shade this week though. high of 80s for the next 10 days or so, so hopefully they'll start growin! Might pop a few more in a couple weeks but 10 is a pretty good start and have holes for almost all. :)
  10. I don't know why I have the hardest time with seedlings, but I once again do... wtf. Went to check on them today and only one looked ok, out of 7 maybe 4 look good enough to live... Only 2 of 6 new seeds have popped, started a bunch more today lol. blah. Almost 100 degrees forecasted for the next 2 days so I'm gonna have to move them into shade for sure. stay tuned!
  11. Wish I had some pics to post, but really nothing too exciting here. 5/6 survived the heat yesterday, got a little t-storm this morning and looked well watered today, made sure to put them in the shade for a while. Also, with the 9 new seeds I started, I did a 24hr soak, something I've never done before, and definitely improved germ rates :) 6/9 so far.

    I have, however, come across some oddities this year... One, a fellow "guerrilla' grower has set up shop at the entrance of where I go to my spot. Weirder still, they are not growing weed.... They have a big red tub, MG soil and some seeds from walmart?? and even went to the trouble of cutting down a little tree for more light lol. Now I'm thinking... it has to be a kid. Where this is, is very hard to maneuver under the trees, I am only 5'5 and I have to walk ducked with hands on knees. But who the hell goes through that trouble for some flowers/veggies??? Anyone???? I mean they must be old enough to buy this, have a hatchet, but not old enough to grow anything useful? idk..
    Also, came across a freshly killed carcass of a cat? Maybe a coyote? Not that far from civilization for random animals to be roaming.. And also kind of odd, got my bags of (lime, EWC) and bone meal dragged away, teeth marks and bone meal COMPLETELY gone. so very odd.... plants and holes untouched...

    would love anyone's thoughts on above...I promise it will get more exciting! lol
  12. maybe its a crazed guy that is very hungry that escaped an asylum.... he wants 2 grow his own veggies' but then he found the bone meal bag and was happy.. lol :smoke:
  13. lol, I suppose it could be. Currently have about 8 outside, getting a little bigger. 5 more started yesterday. Apparently my fellow grower had put random seeds out first, then came back and started a bunch of mj seeds.. clever I guess. I just dunno what to do if/when I run into said grower..... Hopefully pics coming soon!
  14. yeah, hopefully he dont steal ur shit, u dont steal his, if he does * click clak mutha fuckaaaaaa* lol
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    The plant you were wondering about probably isn't lethal poisonous but if the plant's leaves seem oily I wouldn't touch them with bareskin.. you're sharing your grow spot with another grower you don't know?

    also if the seedlings are dying so easy id wait 2ish weeks before I move em outside, adjust them to the outdoors =]
  16. just looked through your 2010 grow +rep my man, you should try LST/topping/fimming with one plant, really help increase the yield. I haven't done it myself but will be trying it on mine this year, haven't got the journal set up yet but will soon. good luck and best wishes my fellow new englander, how 'bout them bruins
  17. just looked through ur o-10 thread also, damn them girls was purple, the colas looked super sexy also :D
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    Thanks for stoppin in guys!

    Dude - always nice to see a fellow NE'r around here :cool: Bruins played a hell of a series, didn't make it to the parade unfortunately.
    Yea I think that plant is just a thorny weed, completely overgrew my spot from the first pic there, as you'll see soon enough lol. The thing about the other grower is... he is just barely at the edge of the bush, really not a great place.. mine is much further in and more secure/hidden. I didn't know he was growing weed until now.... not super worried but idk. I think it's bad karma to fuck with anyone's plants so hopefully no problems..
    Yeah it would be awesome to be able to start anything inside for more than a few days but almost impossible, as I don't have my own place.

    Thanks for taking a peek at last years, it wasn't anything amazing but the plants sure looked pretty at the end :D If you look at my other older OD, one of the plants that was harvested was heavily LSTd, I'll try to throw a pic or two in here, worked out well, plant got pretty large maybe 4x4ft+, very short though. Just be careful, as storms/winds and not careful growers can break the tied down parts. I'll be looking for your journal.

    good looks :smoke:

    as you can see, before and after, doesn't look like quite all of fit in the pic lol, but at least that big, other pics in the OD thread. These plants I started indoor in like Feb, never flowered so stuck outside in May. Can't wait to do it right again!

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  19. Hell yeah man, I cant wait 2 see sum awesome Flowering on here :smoke: :D
  20. Well I did get some pics for ya, just the very beginning.. As you can see the soil is quite moist under a few inches and also full of happy worms! :D
    Also, you can see that trail I had to whack away at to create, fucking weeds! But I definitely like the spot for anything in the future.

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