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Back to the hospital

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. I have been dealing with kidney stones for over six weeks now.. Last week on tuesday I had to be admitted to the hospital where the dr. tried to get the last stone that was hung in my ureter tube.. (tube between the kidney and the bladder.. When they tried to push the stone back into the kidney with the basket they use to cath the stone and pull it out, they lost the stone.. Since the stone had been hung up for so long, the ureter tube was infected and swelled.. This caused the dr. to have to put a stint. in the tube..

    Well today, my kidney quit functioning and i had to go back to the dr's office. They give me some meds to clear up the blockage from blood clots that had closed up the tube again..

    Tommorrow they are going to remove the stint and find out how much damage has been done to my kidney.. I am worried that alot of damage has been done that may not can be reversed.. With all the meds I've been taking, I wasn't able to feel the pains that should have let me know that something wasn't right lately.. Maybe this was the reason I didn't catch the blockage i my kidney till today when I was working and the pain meds wore off and the pain come back..

    If to much damage has been done to the kidney, It may have to be removed. I seriously hope this will not be the case.. If it is, I would appreciate ya'll adding me to your prayers, good vibes, or karma.. Which ever may be the strength you use to help others and yourselves..

    If I do not post by this time tommorrow, You will have a 99% sure knowledge that I had to have it removed..

    I may even have my son to post and let ya'll know.. I'll give him access to this computer so he may keep ya'll informed...

    To all my friends in the city, Thanks for listenening..

    Side note: If i don't make sense or my spelling is bad, take note that i am taking some strong meds..
  2. ah no bud!!

    good karma comming !!!

    just smoked it for ya, vibes of good luck are slowing blowing your way!!

  3. Smoke lots for me.. I can't smoke till after the dr's turn me loose..
  4. Awwww that sucks Ill be sure to smoke alot for you.My prayers go out to you and hope u get better soon.
  5. oh man! *goodkarmagoodkarmagoodkarmagoodkarmagoodkarma*

    hope all works out well for you man. well...if your kidney is removed...*looks for a positive* you can get a handicaped parking sticker thing. thats prolly not true...hard to find a positive in getting an organ surgically removed from your body. oh wait...meds. you get really good meds. got vic for my hernia surgery, that was fun.

    so, if no surgurey, well...great! but if so, meds! so its almost a win win...excpet for the surgurey thing. yeah....

  6. best of wishes man. i hate dr.'s and hospitals as long as you have one kidney youll live wont you? admitted it would still be scary as fuck but also sorta a sense that hey it could be worse :/ im prolly not helping much lol ill smoke some weed with my buddys in honor of ya man alot of your knoweldge helped me grow my awsome weed that it is today :smoke:
  7. I'm smoking a bowl to your kindeys as i type this..hope everything goes well
  8. [​IMG]Aussie Karma coming my friend.[​IMG]

    Don,t worry mate ,l,ll make sure ya get more than enough karma to get well soon. [​IMG]
  9. BH- the best of luck to have vast amount of good karma coming your way from me..........i hope everything turns out ok........this blunts for u.........
  10. Lots of London Karma travelling to you now!

    I hope they sort it all out, and you get well soon!

    Ill smoke a bowl for you aswell!
  11. Hey BH, I wish you all the best and I send you tons of Karma from Amsterdam!
    Get well soon and keep us updated!
  12. hmm...he said thats its 99% that if he doesn't post by 9 tonight (est time) that he did have to get it removed...jeeze. HURRY UP BH! YOU GOT ME WORRIED!
  13. Well I get to keep the kidney.. The dr like to have killed me though when he took out the stint.. It felt like he bent all my genitels in ways they should NEVER be bent.. I am sore to say the least..

    I'll have to post more later.. Now I'm in extreme pain... Going to get a few meds. The damn dr wouldn't give me any pain medicine after all that shit he did to me...

    I'll be back when I feel a little better.
  14. Great news,rotflmao, sorry mate [​IMG],l only sent get well Karma . [​IMG] l forgot the no pain Karma.[​IMG] So, l suppose ya ain,t getting no sex for awhile?

    rotflmao, Hey l just found a pic of you bud head.

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  15. *looks at his nuts* *cringes* hope eh that feels better man i cant really comprehend how much that must suck :eek:

  16. Only you critter, only you..

    I feel much better today.. The pain is at a 5 on a 10 dickter scale.

    No sex for a while. not because I can't get it, but because I don't WANT it!!!!!!

    Thanks for the karma , vibes, prayers and what ever esle.. I am feeling better.
  17. good to hear.

  18. Ditto!
    BTW, I know how it feels to have a 1/4" tube shoved into your d*ck without anasthetic :eek:
    Sex would be the last thing to think of... :D

  19. Almost the worst thing in the world if not the worst..

    Now i have to go smoke. :hippie:
  20. HIGH All, Phuck BH....glad things went sort of your way.

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