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    If I have not had a "COMPLETED GROW" am I still a first time grower?

    Here's my story, I started out trying to grow back in November as a first timer doing Hydro from bagseed. My plant took off like a rocket and was doing well. I went on vacation and had a friend checking in on it, when I got home it had Hermied on me. Can't place ALL the blame on him as I was stressing the hell outta that lil bitch.:poke:

    With that said, I ordered seed from single seed centre to attempt again. 1 out of 11 seeds I got was I able GERM... it grew but something went wrong and I coulnt save it. I think nuke nuted it.

    Now I am back on the bag seed and trying to dirt grow. I started with one seed I germed just for shits & giggles. It took off well, since then I popped 4 more. So I have 1 plant with a 3week lead time on the other 4.

    This is not a journal, but more of a testimonial if you will. :smoke:



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    Added a DIY Co2 this morning. They ALL have definitely perked up since then,,, except the one in the pot too big for itself. That's probably the female knowing my luck!




  3. How old are the ones in the solo cups
  4. really no need for the Mylar under the plant. plants need light from the top of their leaves not the bottom. also its probably making your soil hold more moisture longer then it need to be.
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    lemme get bact to this!

  6. This one is my redheaded stepchild, my sounding board and stepping stone to my first successful grow! How dare you tell when to take or retrieve my kids from the POOL!!!

    HIGH AS HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:hello::smoke::wave:
  7. IMG_2069.jpg


    Giving the kids some sunshine!:p
  8. Trimmed the elder and transplanted the three young ones. Trying Roots Organic soil mix. It came "highly" recommended by the guy at the hydro store. BTW, here's a myth buster. Not ALL hydro stores try to sell you shit you don't need. I asked him what I needed as far as nutes to go with the RO soil. He told me I didn't need anything except good water until flowering.





  9. Looks pretty good man. I think a lot of people fail their first time (me included). It's trying again when you fail that will eventually lead you to high yields :D

  10. IMG_2079.jpg



    I'll explain later.
  11. Thnx, no doubt and No shit!
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    Bumped my lighting up to my 400w hps. Great light inside the cab now, working on the heat issue since I installed my carbon filter the exhaust is not as efficient.

    I kinda fucked up! Gave the three I re-potted with Roots Organic soil my nute mixed water and it shows, I HAVE BEGUN FLUSHING;). they are looking better than before.


    BY THE WAY,,,I plucked some fan leaves on the big one. Mixed opinions out here on this issue. I gotta get my feet wet before I can swim.


  13. This morning my run off was 6300!!! I guess you DON'T need ANY nutes with roots organic soil during vegg period. I am still flushing....

    While there is some leaf damage, this bag seed strain is still growing all be it slow to the high tds I gave it accidentally. I hope they recover!
  14. Putting them outside during the day is noticeable each time I bring them in.

    I still have the issue of the over feeding but its not impacting the new growth.

    I will have to get some pics of the damage and let you guys judge it.


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  15. Smooth smoke fruity smell. Diesel taste. IMG_2092.jpg

  16. Sitting them outside for some uv rays.

    Also some close up pics of my damage.


    Please don't tell me you need more info without reading the thread, Thnx:cool:

  17. Switched them to 12/12 yesterday, can't wait to see how many are gonna be lil bitches :devious:


  18. Me and the kids had some issues but I think we are making headway.:hello:






    We are in our first week of 12/12.
  19. 2nd week of 12/12 and i think we have 3/5 fems. Will post pics later.
  20. ,,,Starting to show their pubes:hello:




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