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Back to School

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheFox13, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. How many heads here are going back to school soon? What are your plans for smoking in school? Do you guys think its affects your productivity or are you fine smoking 24/7 through the school year?

    I know personally I have been smoking almost everyday the entire summer and plan on cutting back to almost nothing when school comes around. Its gonna be different going back to a regular state of mind day after day.
  2. wooo im going back to man on the 22nd im actually excited. i usually try not to smoke before school or during and save that first high of the day till right after you get home it is truly amazing. sometimes i do smoke before i go for test days cause it actually calms me and i have yet to get lower than a B in any of my courses.
  3. Damn i'm going to school in 3 weeks :/. My strategy is to smoke weed, maintain a high GPA, and fuck bitches.
  4. I plan on smoking everyday then selling my xbox games for more bid, I'more addicted to black ops then weed.
  5. i've been in school all summer. i'm doing a one year course from january to december, then i get two months before going back for another year. i smoke weed every day and i'm getting pretty decent grades.
  6. yeah i think weed helps grades to be honest lol. that year long shit sounds like a bitch what kind of course is that mang?
  7. i'm almost done a year for foundation in art and design. it's like a general studies thing for art schools, i do a lot of adobe program training like photoshop, premier, after effects, illustrator etc. and also a lot of art theory, life drawing, writing. then next year i'm doing a year in game design.
    i forgot to mention lots of film too. i'm so sick of getting lighting equipment and booms and shit from the resource center.
  8. oh damn man sounds like fun my friend is going for the film end of things seems like a crazy field to be in especially with lighting and booms like you said lol i remember it taking like 30 mins just to set up lighting for a crappy few scenes we did in high school way back lol.
  9. Im not gonna go to classes high, so it will help with my tolerance. I've been smoking a few bowls a day and it will bring it down to one or less per day.

  10. lol ya sometimes it takes us like 2 hours to light one scene. a 3 minute short can take you an entire day to shoot if everything works out right, and then you've gotta edit everything too. not to mention getting release forms for locations and actors... i'm so incredibly tired. i get a ten day break soon though :)
  11. Starting fresh. First year of college right here and starting it at College of Dreams. :D

    Starts on the 22nd, shouldn't be to bad. Smoking wise taking a 2 week T-break, starting today, then going back to smoking every night. I'm sure a few of my classes will be where I am under the influence.
  12. Two more semesters of grad school and I'm done with college for the rest of my fucking life...starts on the 22nd lol...I've vaped the entire way through no real reason to stop now
  13. Senior year.... NO WAY IN HELL AM I STOPPING!!!
  14. all through high school i smoked weed almost every day, usually more than once a day and i got all B's and C's without even trying
  15. me too man. being home from college it's been pretty much everyday...

    when i get back i dont know what i am going to do..i REALLY don't want to smoke as much as i did this summer because i want to save money and i don't want it to get in the way of my studies..but i am sure i will every now and then.

    just not as much as the summer. i'm excited to go back cause my summer sucked, but now that summer is almost ending i kind of don't want to go back cause the last few weeks my summer has been rad.

    ah whatever. only time will sure it wont get in the way of school though. thats my number 1 priority.
  16. Can't wait for community college. :rolleyes: lol I really am pretty excited to be in a choir again though. :yay:

  17. You're awesome. No but really man, I hope you're happy proving the stereotypes of stoners getting average if not below average grades and not trying.
  18. I've got 6 AP courses this year and I'm not writing any of the AP exams :smoking: Those things are useless, fuck them. Overall I've got a good schedule, have a nice 2 hour spare/lunch combo then a last block spare first semester, lots of weed is going to be smoked then. I'm shooting for a 90+ average this year, I had an 85ish last year but I need to get good grades for university admission.
  19. I'd have to say if a person is still in highshool, the smarter thing would be to not smoke till u graduate, and if u those who get hooked during summer, try very hard to stop or slow down for the school year. I'd have to say if u r in college, it's safe to smoke 24/7 if u can get passing grades. And if u don't pass and u still smoke, grow the f up

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