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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by MrsCharliB, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Before one can even question something in a philosophical manner, one must truely understand what Philosophy is:

    1. What is Philosophy?
    2. What is Critical Thinking?
    3. What does the above mentioned mean for you personally, in your everyday life and your future?

    Ask yourself these questions, and if yu ca answer them properly then maybe you can speak philosophically and think critically.

    These were the firs three things we had to write on whe I started studying philosophy, its always interesting to see what other people think about what the answers to the above are. Dot you agree?
  2. Philosophy is the love of wisdom. But to me it's pure metaphysics.

    Critical thinking is understanding alot about game theory. It's certainly not memorizing a list of fallacies.

    This means that I will win alot of debates in life. (or at least I'll think I'm winning)
  3. As long as you think you're winning that is all that matters
  4. But isnt it better to walk away knowing more than you do when you first start the debate? to me that seems much more important than "winning".
  5. In other words you can't philosophise unless you've been to college.

  6. The "winning" mentality defeats the point in debating/discussing in the first place. A true philosopher goes into a situation appreciating that any dialectical points that quash what he already thinks should be thought about carefully and quite probably accepted. much as you can accept anything to be "true" or whatever you want to call it. If you're just trying to win that's purile, you have no love of knowledge if your obvjective is to win.

  7. Of course it's more important. You just get both done at the same time.
  8. The very first post in the thread. :)

    In fact, it's the whole point.

    Which completely refutes itself.
  9. I took a philosophy class once and I got nothing from it.

    Philosophizing does not need to be complicated.

    All I need is my brain, a bowl, a dime-bag, and a buddy to bounce ideas off of.
  10. to me, philosophy, is the ability to reason and come to reasonable conclusions based on true evidence observed

    basically no lies, like religion, its a world of numbers. i know my lord, im gods own
  11. To me philosophy is like a state of being, like in Kant's essay on enlightenment, there is nothing neccesarily right but in bad english, there is thinking rightly. Thus in terms of a debate there is never a winner, merely two people forming better arguements that are conflicting, should one side of said debate be unable to provide a rebuttle; I do not believe the other has neccesarily won anything. I believe he should say to his opponent, I have beaten you at nothing and you have lost nothing but due to your lack of knowledge in the given subject, you are unable to further argue your point, so go now, learn more in this field, create a stronger argument, find your flaws and we will one day debate again.

    As I said there is no winning in this sense. BUT in terms of human nature, naturally we are cmpetitive being and in order for there to be reason in our lives there must be some sese of 'winning' this winning in my mind is like a sense of accomplishment not merely winning a game. arguement or battle. Because without this sense of accomplishment, what are you living for? Do you not feel accomplished when you complete a work of art, or write something of a good standard,or even in this situation, this circle of people, are you not satisfied and do you not feel like something has been accomplished after a good blazing session?
  12. To me its a word, fuck words....ill just think about shit and not care what the correct terminology is because its all made up and everyone interprets words differently anyway just like you are reading this right now and think im an asshole but im really not.
  13. debates are good, but, only if you follow through with your point of view outside of the debate as well. no lies just to win a debate. a debate should involve your true beliefs. which side makes more reasonable sense, wins.
  14. Ah my friend the problem with this thinking, is that though these words are made up, theyare what sets us apart from the rest of the animal kindom. And the ida that everyone interprets everything differently, this is wha fascinates me the most about language because as I am a writer, I can write something and the same thing casn mean a number o different things to a number of different people. Dont you think that is wonderful? Also why I am studying psychology, because as complex and developed as the human mind is today, there is still endless possiblity.

    I may be rambling now, but think about this, a jazz musician? Now his language is his saxophone and its music, now you might say tht is irrelevant because he doesnt need to know music to be able to improvise (im not talking about basic being able to play the instrument but knowledge of the music, and how it works how its made etc..) but you'dbe wrong, Abdullah Ibrahim, one of the worlds greatest jazz/blues musicians runs a school here and his philosophy is exactly this. One mus knw all his instrument, all its technical aspects, for one to play through his soul.
  15. Yea i think thats kool that we all interpret things differently but that also causes much of the problems and conflict with people. I think we are moving toward being one. We are moving toward complete understanding of eachother, a different way of communicating. If we could experience eachothers intent and ideas and all that then how could you argue how could you fight you wouldnt do that to yourself. WHen you understand somboedy you become them. Language is barbaric, weve changed so much but we still have this sytem of noise decoding its like barking dogs. I mean this is stupid really. I think im a slightly evolved person wehen it comes to language im going for telepathic because it will be here soon and make all this look like.....smoke signals ah words are bullshit i dont think in words and i dont know if you do but whats the point of the translating and retranslating when the your losing all of the message during the proccess..
  16. to me philosphy is our greatest means to understanding life , you look around you and you think and you figure out , then you discuss and rationalize and if it stops making sense you throw it out and get a new idea repeat , much like science , but unlike science it has to do with ideas and most of the time things that cant really be scienctificly studied or proven.

    and philosophy is NOT about winning for the people of this post that think so... thats really kind of sad....
  17. My philosophy on philosophizing clearly does not match the OP's.
  18. to me, philosophy is what helps us determine existences beyond our personal perspective.
  19. i agree. i genuinely want to see someone try to disprove that.

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