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Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by xplicitcontent, Nov 24, 2002.

  1. oh man, that was sum heavy shit last night. I took 16, but after a hour disapointed because i didn't feel sh't. I was like, god dammit, must be immune. So I decided to smoke my last two bowls in a hot box, and it kicked in strong as hell. I smoked two squares still in the hot box and was gone. After I got out, i stumbled to the end of the driveway to throwup, :) sign of a good trip, but disapointing relizing that thats dxm comming out and I could've been more f'cked up. So I get into my house, and jus move around retarded and slept in the bathroom cuz i couldn't move. Then got up and layed down to bed. I was good for the night, sweet dreams
  2. I had some good trips with coricidin. I dont dxm trip anymore..but I couldnt seem to find that particular kind just the cough for quite some time..I thought they had gotten rid of it.
  3. i used to do those.... did 'em four days in a row once... never wanted to do 'em again. i did 16 the first day, and 8 every day after, then i did shrooms the next day... during the days i did the coricidin's i also smoked a lot of weed... lmao, i was all wrecked.
  4. all wrecked. yeah I suppose you would be after eating all those pills every day! I honestly think I wouldnt make it through the third day man..
  5. lol... i got PLEANTY of sleep.... went to bed anywhere between 6:30 and 7:30 every night for each of those days... but i'll tell ya, when that 4th day was over i was insanely tired... i found out how bad they were so i stopped doing them after that. i couldn't look at food without feeling sick for like a week after that. sucked all kinds of ass LOL
  6. bad they are? I heard about this..its about the last time I did them...is it becuase of the maelate? (i think this is what it is) that is in them? I remember them just having the dex and one other ingredient in them...I never thought of it to be much harm (at the time) because I wasnt doing them very often...
  7. the chemicle that's bad for you starts with a chlor--- i think... i know it's a ch though... damn stml. there was a post about it earlier and someone put up a bunch of stats about coricidin's and the chemicle in 'em. people have died from just 5 tablets... and when ya do 16, that's usually what the high's compared to. it's like you're struggling to stay alive. or at least that's what my friends and i feel.

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