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Back pain

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by panflake, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. as far back as I can remember I’ve had lower back pain. I played football and basketball my whole life but never really got injured. Although I could never really squat. No matter how much I worked out I could never exceed 3 plates for like a rep or two. The past two years I’ve worked transport in a hospital and so my back is very involved. Lately I can feel this pain throughout the entire day and it’s pretty noticeable. So I’m thinkjng about going and having it checked out. I’ve tried babying my back and doing back/ab workouts for like the past 4 months to strengthen it but nothing. So I’m also wondering if I were to complain about my back in the middle of a shift and leave and it turns out something is wrong. Would my job be to blame or could I be let go for being injured?
  2. So you are saying you know you have a bad back and now want to claim a workers comp case and claim it happened at work? They lock people up for this,
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  3. You need to go to the doctors and see what they have to say and then they may refer you to have a ct scan if it's a serious issue for you. It could turn out you could have to have a small operation or they may be able to solve it with massages/physio. But your job won't be to blame as you said you had always had it.

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  4. Once again I do agree with you
    The MRI will show the damage if any and they can tell if it is new or not.
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  5. But Physical therapy does work just takes time
    Learner to bend at the knees instead of the waist is also a big help in reducing back injuries.
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  6. The most common lower back injury for young atheletes is usually an L-5 stress fracture. I got a pretty bad one when I was 15 and lived with pain for several years. Had one very under qualified doctor tell me I would be in a wheelchair by the time I was 18. I’m way older than that still walking hoping he’s been fired.

    I did physical therapy, wore bulky uncomfortable back braces, chiropractors, topical cannabis, pretty much anything outside of surgery. I avoided deadlifting like the plague when I got back into working out. Once I started doing squats and deadlifts and lower back exercises, starting with just the bar and being crazy religious about form, that was when I actually started making real progress and began living without pain again. It only took 5 years and a shit load of doctors telling me not to do the exact thing that ended up helping me.

    Op, not trying to hijack or make this about me. I don’t know what your injury is, but it sounds very similar to mine. Maybe get an X-Ray, definitely practice good posture (especially when driving!!!) adjust your mirrors in your car to how you sit with perfect posture, do stretches.

    MRI shows flesh and tissue damage, an X-ray will show bone damage.
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  7. Lol no as I said, I’m concerned I won’t have a job to come back to. Can I be fired for needing to take a long leave of absence for a possible surgery
  8. Oh really? They can tell if it’s new or old? That’s crazy
  9. Thanks for the reply. Ya I don’t have the best posture but I’m a taller guy so I guess that’s kind of normal. I try to fix it when I’m waking throughout the day but there’s definitely a difference in my posture when I’m focusong on waking tall as opposed to not thinking about it. I never really go to heavy with deadlifts but I do practice perfect form. At time this injury causes a slight maybe tingle on my thighs. Idk what that could mean. So I guess my next step is to see a dr.
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  10. It did seem like you were getting at suggesting trying to sue your company but I didn't want to say anything cause that would be rude of me lol.

    You can't put your company to blaim unless you have really hurt yourself while on the job at the place your working at. If it'd getting worse and unbearable and it's putting you in a heap on the floor then you want to be worried.

    If you can't do the job find a new job and no they can't fire you for having time out to have an op.

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  11. Cool thanks for the reply. Hahah ya sorry I just meant about getting fired. I’m part of a union and this is my first union job so I’m a little confused on what could happen
  12. You could make the claim that that the nature of the work you do exacerbates a previous injury. That's what it sounds like to me when I read your post.
  13. Talk to your Shop Stewart or union rep for any advice.
  14. Ya I’m pretty sure that’s the case. All the wheel chairs I push and beds are too short for me so I’m in an awkward slightly bent over position a lot. So rn is a bad time because our union deal expired September and they’ve been in negotiations since and are organizing a strike soon :/.
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  15. I can imagine all the weight you roll around. People are not light anymore.
  16. Haha ya definitely not. Now that I think about it I can’t imagine life not having this back pain. I’d probably be in less of a rush all the time and have a more positive outlook
  17. It depends what job you are doing I too am in your situation. I did 5,000 shoulder shrugs sitting fucked up my back. What are you wanting to do?I have to keep moving around like outdoor labor. If I work at like McDonald my back fucking kills me I can't stand still all day. Sounds like you want to target your abs.I just got one of these power towers I can do and legal raises
  18. Hmmm well I have kinda started to slack on my ab workouts but I do a decent amount every other day. I may be doomed to a job where I walk around all day (medical field)
  19. I was o.k. when I did electrical how we got injured is different. I'm just saying my experience yourself may be different. You said your middle section of the back hurts? Mine is the lower back. I could do electrical and it doesn't hurt. Is it a pain that's unmanageable it hurts so much?that's how I get
  20. Hmm not unbearable pain but I definitely feel it. Can’t bend over easily.

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