Back on the site after 10 years! Pic of my car wreck

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    Hey all! Just thought i'd reintroduce myself since I haven't really gotten on the site in ten years. I've been through hell and back since then with the above picture being my last hurdle. It landed me in the hospital/rehab for quite some time. I was trapped in the car for about 20 minutes while 13 firefighters used the jaws to free me. The muffler on the school bus crashed through my windshield and landed on my arm which caused some serious burns to the bone.
    I immediately was rushed into ICU and emergency surgery where they did a skin graph and placed a temporary rod in my arm. Also put some metal in my face. I was in ICU for another three weeks, then a step down room for another couple. Since then i've had three more surgeries replacing the metal rod with a more sturdy plate and bone graph from my hip. Also eye surgery to correct my double vision. Luckily I was 21 at the time of the wreck which probably helped a ton with my rehabilitation.
    I'm doing great now, although 4 years after the wreck in 2016 I had 5 grandmal seizures out of no where which ended up being from the Traumatic Brain injury and now I have epilepsy. I am so fortunate because i rarely have seizures due to the medicine. I'm so lucky that I never have them. Marijuana has been a godsend in helping me stay away from the prescription pain meds that the doctors handed out like candy which landed me in a 30 day rehab facility. Even AFTER telling the doctors TWICE that i had been abusing the meds they still handed it to me. But i've moved away from home and am doing terrific now.

    This is my thread on my severe frostbite if anyone is interested! Cheers!
    Severe Frostbite.. 3 months recovering (Graphic pictures)

    I hope everyone is having a wonderful day or night and takes a little time to name 3 things that they're grateful for :wave::smoke:
  2. Welcome back glad u made it out okay DOCTORS nd the pharmaceutical companies are the real gangsters nd drug dealers
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  3. #1 I'm grateful that my brain has mostly healed from epilepsy caused by tbi.
    #2 I'm grateful to have my freedom
    #3 I'm grateful of my dad who has helped make my life easier
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  4. Welcome here, you are lucky to be alive. Someone was really looking out for you.
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  5. That looks pretty gnarly, I am glad Lady Luck kept you alive.

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  6. You are lucky on 2 fronts in the crash and kicking the trash they called meds out successfully. I don’t know you but I’m cheerful for you just the same. I’m glad that you joined back here.
    I had one doc who would pass the pills to you and talked about how bad weed is at the same time. And stoners are supposed to be the dumb ones.
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