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    Hi everyone. I've been growing since 2016 but it's been years since I posted here. I'm just getting back into growing after taking nearly a year off after a house fire wiped out my basement and forced me to be in a tiny rental home with no room to grow. I took advantage of the restoration remodeling and tripled the size of my basement grow room - 8x8' to 10x18'. In the past few days I've set up a new tent, rejuvenated my old starter box (the only part of my old grow that survived the fire) and have popped and planted two seeds.

    Below are pics of my current setup. The 2x2' starter box is a repurposed shipping crate. It's got a 100w HLG 4000k led light and 4 usb powered axial fans. The two on top for exhaust and the two on the back for intake and circulation. The 4x4' tent is a completely new setup. The light is a Grow Light Science Progrow 1800. The tent, 6" exhaust fan, oscillating circ fans, and controller are all made by AC Infinity.

    The first seed I started is Seedsman's Alaskan Purple Auto. It popped yesterday and got planted in 5 gallons of Great Lakes Water Only super soil. The center of the pot is a mix of coco and a bit of soil for a lighter starter mix. This will be my first plant grown in soil in 5 years or so. The second seed is Atlas Seeds's Space Panda feminized. It sprouted yesterday and is in a solo cup in Mother Earth 70/30 coco/perlite mix. It'll be fed with Canna Coco A&B. Those have been my go-to nutrients and medium is the past.

    I'll be trying to post updates regularly and also creeping on other threads. Follow along as I figure out this new room and setup. Feel free to ask questions or point out anything I'm screwing up or could do better.

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  2. you chose autos? well i wish you the best
  3. I've grown plenty of autos before and never had a problem. Not my favorite, but I'd like to get to harvest quickly so it's worth a shot.
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    Two little sprouts. Both popped up yesterday. Since there's nothing going on in the 4x4 I'm utilizing the controller's temp/humidity probe to monitor the 2x2. I also set up a humidifier next to the 2x2 so it stays above my basement's usual of 35-40%. I ordered AC infinity's humidifier for the 4x4. It ships in a couple weeks. IMG_1540.png IMG_1536.jpeg
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