Back In The Days....

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  1. Wat is somethin that u and ur boys always bring up when yall smokin that happened to yall "Back in the days".... Well Mines is once Me, My Boy, And 3 other girls were smokin in my boys basement, ( I forgot how many blunts we smoked) We were inside a small bathroom we had baked that shit up good.... We were all chillin talkin or watever, we downstairs in the basement and hes brother that is like 8 was upstairs playin a video game in the livin room, The doorbell started ringin, we aint answer it bcuz we was chillin so whoever was there would come back or somethin, but nah they started knockin and ringin the doorbell nonstop, So everybody was all paranoid already, then we heard sirens and the cops radio dispacther thingy... Then the knockin and ringin stop for like a 1min., then we heard loud footsteps, comin from the livin room we thought it was the cops or a robber or somethin... My boy was tryin to see wat it was i aint go with him i was scared shitless, so he was about to walk up the stairs when suddenly turn around and came back to the bathroom, the rest of us was in the door way lookin at him, we rushed back in the bathroom, locked the door and turned off the light, I was the only smart on to get in the bathtub and i pulled back the curtains, haha good idea from my part... Well Anyways We started hearin footsteps down the stairs from the basement we stood quietly when the person was comin towards the bathroom he tried to open the door but seen it was locked, so went upstairs and left, and theres this lil window in the bathroom, And i heard one of my friends be like " Ayo Wheres My Ps2 Controller At"??... Hahaha We was like ***** wat that u that was ringin the doorbell he said yea, everybody started laughin there asses off, and we all went upstairs and seen hes 8 yr old brother was playin gta san andreas, so i started fallin on the floor laughin hard, and was like so thats were the sirens and shit was comin from... So yea thats my story....Thats one of the main storys me and my boy always talk about when we smoke... Thats somethin i will never forget hahaha...
  2. ha ha that shit is funny, sometimes when that kind of shit when everything just coincedentally happens i think god is fucking with us stoners.
  3. haha oh shit that's crazy.

    me and my bros just talk about all the times we got blue-lighted when we're fucked up and survive it.
  4. LOL!! i got a story! this happened yesterday. me and my friend were getting baked as fuck when my bro pulls up to my house, so i put the pipe and lighter away and walk up to his car. now, he knows that i smoke, but i dont want him to see me in the act, since he's still pissed at me for smoking a ounce of his shit (i did it to help me get over this one girl lol). so anyways, he tells me he wants me to cut some rich guys grass, that he'd pay us $100. shit, i thought i could get me a quarter ounce and some blunt wraps for that much, so i tell my friend that ill be back in like 3 hours to finish smoking. well, once we get there, i get all lazy and shit lol like your typical stoner on a hot ass day. im laying in the back of the car while my bro is getting gas for the car and lawnmower at the gas station. once we get there i tell my bro that i can barely move and i need to go home. well, he tells me that i better walk my ass if i dont want to do no work. well i started walking home, and it took forever lol, but it was only about 2 miles from my house if i took a short cut thru a forest. well, i forgot that i had the key to our John Deere in my pocket. well, i go pick up my homie from his house and we go to smoke in my car in my backyard. well, like 25 mins after we start smoking a few j's that i rolled, my bro just walks up to the car and says "GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE CAR RIGHT NOW!" so im like fuck, hes probably gonna flip that i didnt want to work and chose to smoke instead. now, imagine the car with a SHITLOAD of smoke pouring out, me red-eyed and startled, and my 15 year old friend in the car still scared as hell. my bro says, "you fuckass, what the fuck is wrong with you? you stupid fuck." now im looking at him thinking, WTF i used to sell for your bitchass, how are you going to call me out on something you influenced on me. he really didnt influence me, but he has given me plenty of weed to smoke. well, he just says,"well, what are you waiting for?? give me the god damn key!" sub-counsciously i reach into my pocket and give him my pipe LOL. he looks at me and says "i said KEY not PIPE, fuckass!" so i start laughing in astonishment that i was that stoned to give him a pipe when he asked for a key. i hand him the key, and he jumps in his car and spins his tires all the way down the street. well, im looking at my friend, and start laughing my ass off. my friend just looks at me and says, "he isnt gonna tell my daddy, is he?" i started laughing hysterically, and tell him no that my bro doesent care too much about me smoking. so we go back in the car and finish the rest of our weed. it was a good day, one of them you look back on when you're dry and wish you could have it like you did back when you did.
  5. Me and my friends sometimes talk about when we had our first half-o a looong ass time ago and we got up in the morning and wake and baked and then I got the lawnmower out a drove it around completely fried, it was hilarious

  6. 2004 was back in the day? Damn dog how young are you? :D :smoking:
  7. ^^^^ hey man i havent smoked for 5 months cuz of probation and goin in and out of jail, shit like that makes it seen like an eternity, but i am gettin out of probation june 20th(been on it for 1 year and 5 months), and i am goin to try and get some pics of my shit that i am about to get

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