Back in the day I had a no smoker toker

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  1. I still have my college bong but I lost my, "No Smoker Toker", It had a see-through red PVC tube about three inches around. The business end was metal and held a doobie and it sealed with O rings against the tube. At the other end was a one-way purge valve that let air in as you drew on it. The rest of the smoke staid in the tube. It was easy to pass around and the toke end was like an old style hash pipe. It was 7 inches long. They were great for windy days.

    It was kind of like the old Power hitter that I don't think you can buy any more either.

    It was just a straight red tube or blue I had seen.

    Does anyone know if they are still available?
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  2. They're available on the forum shop :)
    Smokebuddy Personal Air Filter
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    Once again you have failed.

    No that's not it. Those products filter your exhale so you can toke and not leave a smell. I researched it. What I am looking for leaves great clouds that stink to high heaven.
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  4. Lmfao, miss read the post.
    Guess I've never heard of anything like that.

    I was under the impression you were talking about a smoke buddy, should have read a little slower.
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  5. Subpar you are forgiven now search the internet high and low to find the elusive no smoker toker.
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  6. Reminds me of this hookah I made out of an oversized Christmas bulb in high school...I put 3 dollar store gas siphoning hoses on it so if u were too lazy to pull smoke you could just squeeze the check was legit

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  7. :lmafoe:
  8. Just had a little look as I was interested... are these what you're talking about?
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  9. No but very close. You couldn't squeeze it. It is the same idea just the bottle is PVC and cant be squeezed.
  10. Close enough!

    Take it or leave it!

  11. Supar, I want to thank you for the search. Your efforts wielded the same results as mine. You are now released from this search

    I got busted by my dad with this. He went to Canada with his car (he gave it to me) and the red tube no smoker Tooker was laying on the dash after a night at the drive-in with my girl. He drove through customs with this in the dash. I think his bud Kenny hid it for the return trip. So he drove through customs with this device. His buddy who smoked dope told my dad what it was. Amazingly they never tossed it. I got in trouble but never lost it. It went back and forth with my dad driving from the USA to Canada. I got in heeps big trouble.

    My dad was a badass. He used to fight in the bathrooms at Rouge high. He used to threaten me all the time, want to go to war? But when I got in big (Police) trouble all he gave me was love and discipline. What a great dad. You get your ass kicked for little shit but then when the big stuff happens, only disappointment and love.
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    I can't believe that no one else has said they remember one. It was made from lamp parts.
  13. Hi mates I have been looking for one for a while now and this blog has been the only information If have seen. So I know exactly what it is a d it was a great product. A little disappointed no one can seem to find a lead on obtain one
    I used mine exclusively when riding my motorcycle. It was the perfect tool while cruising. I just recently purchased A bike since retiring. After many years of not riding. You could light it a d just but it up a d the air would give you a killer shot gun. I am in search of obtaining a other one especially since I'm riding again
    I have read all the posts a f appreciate Everyone's effort trying to discover it. I have been plundering I may have to create or build my own. As far as I remember it was actually A simple design. Wonder if there still Could be a market.for it
    But I would really would like to have one again
    So anyone that may remember It like me or even more would like to celebrate in building a facility of one . Would love to here back. From you. I am still Going to try to find one but it's not looking To good. At this point
    Thank you for anyone taking the time to read this a d if someone Csn discover a more information. .keep me posted wish I was a better artist to draw one a d post it
    Thanks again
    Kenny j
  14. No smoker toker Tube
    Clear thin walled plastic tube with mouth piece on one end that also holds the joint that is removable by pulling mouth piece out that is sealed with orings .
    on the other end is black rubber piece that acts a a check valve .
    You suck in and the rubber piece opens and allows air in but keeps the smoke from joint in .
  15. upload_2021-5-9_18-39-54.jpeg
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  16. As teen, my friend’s Uncle had a black one.
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  18. I remember having one of those power Hitters but for some reason or another it didn't last long cant recall Why are what happened. Must have been one of those nights . Lol. Well I am going to get together with My older brother And see if we can come up with a new one to do the same thing as the no smoker toker I will update if and when we are able to make something similar. But knowing my bro he already has half dozen pens probably Say. Well I better not say. Thanks again for the Info. And keep on toking
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  19. I haven't rolled a joint in decades, but I could be tempted with one of those. Of course, I micro dose primarily, so if I used one of those I'd get so ripped I'd be worthless for hours.
  20. Had a Power Hitter. 1977 World Series of Rock at Cleveland Stadium was the end of it. Were smoking so much so fast it got too hot and melted a hole in the side where you squeezed it. It did put up one hell of a fight though, but it didn't have a chance.

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