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  1. The Flying Dutchman
    Temple Haze
    Original Haze x Nepalese Hash Plant
    This strain has a higher THC content than CBD what makes her high absolutely psychedelic, dreamy and happy, contemplative with a smooth, long-lasting body.

    Negra 44 - (now also available in bulk seed packs of 50 and 100)
    Authocthonus Strain from "Sawla x TOP 44
    Her parentage comes from a Top 44 indica strain with landraces from Ghana crossed into. And the effect is incredible.

    Barneys Farm
    Peppermint Kush
    Stella Blue x Nepali Kush
    The pepper of Stella tempered with the minty aftertaste of Nepali will blow your mind, and could quickly become one of your favorite strains.

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