back from the psych ward

Discussion in 'General' started by SourDieselChick, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. so yeah in case anyone was wondering where i went, i was admitted to the behavioral health center on the 6th of august. i had a bad bout of depression and sucidal thoughts and i'm ashamed to say of cutting as well. but i'm ok now. was a real interesting experience and i am better for having it happen to me. everyone there was a big help.

    so yeah. thats it. i'm back.

    peace and love to you all and i will be back to posting. :hello:
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  2. Is this all because of your recent breakup?

    No guy is worth that. Hit up the club and find a nice foxy lady to take home :)
  3. well iam glad your better and back. And pround you went and got help when you needed it.
  4. good to hear you are alright. we don't need tp loose any more members, especially good ones.
  5. Which one did they send you too?
  6. Glad to hear your ok and everything worked itself out
  7. Hey! Welcome back. I'm glad you're feeling better! Everything should be on the up and up now, and life will be good for you, I just know it :)
  8. glad you are back and feeling better :hello: +rep
  9. Glad to hear you're doing better SDC!!!
  10. Welcome back :)
    *Re-directs good vibes*
  11. suicidal thoughts are no fun

    good luck with this
  12. Best of luck to you!!!
    Keep your head up :D :bongin:
  13. welcome back,,,,[​IMG]
  14. Oh honey I hope you're alright. *hug*

    Smoke a bowl and forget that shit. :]
  15. :(Very sorry to hear, those places are no fun.

    All you can do is just start each new day as it is, a new day. They all come with a chance of good and bad, but in the end you're left with another day.

    Anyway sorry if I came out as a preaching arsehole, good to hear that you're doing fine!
  16. YEAY!! YOUR BACK!!
    *sending awesome great super kewl vibes your way*

    BIG hugz!!
  17. Hey Addy, welcome back! :D

  18. good to see ya around chicka, stay safe, no more cuttings, your a young beautiful girl, smoke up some ganja and be happy
    "ganja is the medication, ganja is the cure" - i dont know who said it but i love the quote
    the only cuttings you should be doing are from a maryjane plant :)
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  19. I hope you're alright hun, I hope you keep feeling better.

    If you ever need to talk to anyone, there's tons of blades around. Hit me or one of them up.

    Glad to see that you're back, too.
  20. Did you check yourself into one or did someone make you go? And did you have to pay for it? I always wondered how those things worked.

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