Back from the Honeycomb Hideout!! {new glass}

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    ...and I got this sweet little mini tube by Zach P. (remember the name, he's gonna be huge)

    narrow bore



    matte finish 8ball slide

    some purple and green


  2. Amazing. Some nice glass for sure. I like the Techno music.
  3. Thanks teeler, the song is watch the sunrise by axwell.
  4. Such a sick little mini-tube. Looks like it'd be perfect for road trips.
  5. Indeed it is. I'm sure I've got a couple road trips coming up soon enough.
  6. Wowowow that is such a sweet mini inline!!!! I love the honeycombbbbbbbb

    sweeet pick up man!!! looks like a good DD
  7. Sick tube for a sick price. What's the bore diametre on that?
  8. wowowow yea man that's what I said :D it will be a great DD i am sure.

    I don't have a ruler handy but I think it's 23mm?
  9. got damn man that is fuckin illy im def gonna remember the name
  10. I didn't even see this thread lol. That is freakin' sweet, how tall is it?
  11. 15" tall. 14mm joint.
  12. Yeah... I think it's 22mm. I don't believe they make 23mm bore tubing.
  13. Nice tube HPI, i'm diggin the sandblasting and the slide is very cool oh Zach P= Puchowitz?
  14. absolutely beautiful glass, looks like it hits smoooth as silk:devious:

    how much did that piece run you man?
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    yea the blasting is dope, there are 3 vertical bars on the tube that are not blasted.
    and yup thats him, he's a cool dude :metal:

    3 figures, lol. I got it for less than I was willing to pay.
  16. thats a really nice piece man, congrats! i never really got that thing that everyone uses. is that just a soldering iron??
  17. ^^thanks, and yup, check my sig
  18. man how much you want that for

  19. hahah
  20. 1 meeeeyawnn dollars


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