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Back from Hiatus

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Little Wing, Sep 6, 2003.

  1. Hey everyone?
    What did I miss in the last couple months?
  2. pics of sensimill naked.

    just kidding.
    we're still waitin' ...
  3. Last couple months were an interesting time in my life.

    Spent a month in California, where I must say I smoked the dankest buds that I've ever seen. While there I went camping up in the Sierra-Nevada mountains which was one of the most amazing places I've gotten to hike around in. I loved it up there in the mountains, and I recommend them for people to go check out!

    When I got home I just needed a break...
    I stopped looking at my computer screen until now.
    Well, here I am, and it's good to be back.
  4. I'm not sure of the strain I was smoking while there, but it was dank. Bright green, sticky, and covered in crystals. I also smoked some good hash while there. It's definitely better stuff then you find on the east coast.
  5. Welcome back, Little Wing. Bet it's good to be home.

  6. Yea it probably is better than the stuff YOU find on the east coast...
  7. Nice to see ya again LittleWing!! Sounds like you've been having some fun. As to what have you missed? Were do we even start? I think it'd be eaiser to just start reading through the posts!! :D

  8. I've been trying, but as I read old posts more are made, and I find myself perpetually not caught up. Oh well, I'll just have to skip some of it.

    thccrystals, I don't know if it is just me, but that seams to be a very negative way to disagree with me. Now of course I've seen amazing buds on the east, but there is less of it, and it is more expensive then that on the west.

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