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back from amsterdam!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stevenab87, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. just got home from me european adventure which concluded with a night in amsterdam, i have to say it was pretty awesome. The Flying Pig Hostel i stayed at was truly amazing, i want to move in there! anyone ever stayed at that place?
  2. damn bro i wanna go to amsterdam so bad!! which was ur favorite coffee shop?? was it a very expensive trip?
  3. Yeah dude, I stayed at the flying pig for one of my amsterdam trips. Definitely my favorite hostel there. You couldn't ask for a better location. The smoking room was hella chill, and it came in handy because there were 7 of us in our group and the coffeeshops were too full for 7 of us to sit together, so we just bought bud to bring back. The happy hour at the bar made it all the better, too :D

    Right across the street at the Blues Brothers coffeeshop, I actually picked up some of the best bud I found in Amsterdam. Purple Kush. Even beat out the cannabis cup winners I smoked. Of course, better and cheaper bud can be found outside of Amsterdam though

  4. And yes, it is pretty expensive, especially if you're primarily there to smoke. If you go 30 mins outside of Amsterdam to Utrecht, you can find the same quality herb for about half the price.
  5. ^^you make me wanna buy a ticket there now lmao
  6. it was way better than all the college bars i went to when i was in school. there weren't any frat guys, no trashed sorority girls crying in the street. there were just a bunch of friendly people from all over the world crossing paths on there travels. everyone was just chilling and having a great time together.
  7. sounds so legit man
  8. that sounds awesome dude. i'm going to Amsterdam for my first time ever next Friday for 6 days :D i'm so excited. i'm staying at the Flying Pig Downtown Hostel as well. hopefully I meet some people to chill with as i'll be going alone :D
  9. Never stayed at the Flying Pig, had an apartment near the Tij windmill brewery-awesome beer and a great atmosphere. Best bud I got was from a shop called Katsu-near the Rijksmuseum. If you arrive really early in the morning I'd recommend Prix De Ami-it's near central station and opens at 8 or 9, can't remember. Also there is a mind blowing pancake shop around the corner from the Anne Frank house-the wife ordered one with bacon and cheese and I'm pretty sure I'd fist fight a dozen midgets for another one of those pancakes.
  10. ha yeah i stayed in the flying pig next to vondelpark, good times :smoke:
  11. Im so glad to be a 40 minutes flight away

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