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Back from Amsterdam( 15-22)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by weedhead420, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. hello you saw in my title I just got back from the A-dam and wow what an experiance....I didn't really know what to expect going over there, I was a 19 yr. old stoner going to a foreign country all alone. Now that i'm back I can safetly say that amsterdam was safe and very accomodating and at no point did I ever feel threatened or scared.

    Now onto the cannabis part....I decided to write up a little guide of what I smoked and where i went to help other people when they decide to visit the stoners heaven

    Oh ya when I got to amsterdam one of the first things I did was go to the RooR concept shop and rent a 18.8 RooR Zumo with a custom lip...this thing was devestating

    I will list the coffeeshops I went to and the starins I bought there with a brief description on each bud( for the ones i remeber)

    NooN- great little coffeeshop right by the museum distict, a lot of people don't like this place because it is usually only locals inside and no one ever really talks. with that said this was my FAVORITE coffeeshop that I visited. It has a vibe that cannot be described, only experianced.[ 5 stars]

    2g-s5 haze : wow definetly one of my favorite snokes in amsterdam. The bud was PERFECTLY cured....I mean Perfect. and the reason for that is becuase people usually only go to the NooN for their blueberry so all the other starins get to sit for a bit.... and it had a real sweet flavor.(13 euro)

    1g- cheese: great weed...covered in crystals but realy didn't stand out(11 euro)

    2g-sleaze: hmmm I don't know why but I really liked this bud. The weed wasn't amazingly good but it gave a really good high(10 euro)

    1g-maco Haze: definetly the worst bud of the trip...DO NOT BUY!!!!(10 euro)

    1g-LA Confidential: really great weed but was IMO not as good as the s-5(13 euro)

    Space cake: as i said before this is a locals shop where everyone knows everyone. well i chilled here a bunch and got given free space cakes one night when the budtender was just passing around a big plate for everyone to eat. very good!!!!

    Amnesia: Very modern coffeeshop with extremely good service( they will come take drink orders at your table). very good menu as well with various cannabis cup winners at any time[4 stars]

    1g-LSD: the very first thing I smoked when i got there. the budtender informed me that it was kinda a trippy high...which it was, tasted very good to.(13 euro)

    1g-Shiraz Hash: wow what a great hash....a real light color that had the perfect amount of pliablness(2008 cannabis cup winner)(14 euro)

    1g-malaysian cream Hash: another really good hash, although tbh i seemed to like the high and smoke of the shiraz better(16 euro)

    Bushdoctor: a reggea coffeeshop that specilizes in ice-o hash....kinda small but budtender was friendly.[ 3 stars...hash was amazing but place wasn't really my thing, i suggest getting the hash and smoking somewhere else]

    1g-Jelly Hash: WOW...truely an amazing high...i smoked .15 outta a small pipe and man was I stoned(45 euro....worth every penny)

    Grey Area: extremely small shop just around the corner from amnesia and the closest shop to the ROOR concept shop. only three little tables and chairs and there was stickers and posters covering every inch of wall. With tha said they have some of the best bud in the dam...AND they are the only shop I saw that had roor for customers to use.[ 4 stars]

    2g-choclope: the only bud I bought 2g of at once...and there is a reason, this bud was perfect in every way. perect high, perfect taste, perfect look....really an amzing bud

    Baba: I stumbled into this place kinda drunk and had just slept with a hooker so i was a little disoriented..witht that said this place was full of younger kids and the music they played was trance( my favorite) so i really liked the enviorment. bud tender is in alittle closet in the back[3 stars]

    1g- Big Buddah Cheese: rolled it into a chocolate blunt so can't give an accurate was dark so i couldn't really see but it smelled good.(10 euro)

    Blues Street Hill: cool place with a lot of seating...but tender seemed nice but place was rather dark....kinda wish I had bought more

    1g-Northern light: good weed, i had wanted to try northern lights for a long time and wasn't disappointed.

    Darmpkring: one word can describe this place...perfect. it has an amzing weed menu topping at 13 euro's and an atmosphere that cannot be beat( except when they play that salsa I also especially liked this place because of it's cat bowie.[5 stars]

    1g-white russian: when I asked about this bud he was honest and told me it was a little bit shakey...he still showed it to me and although the buds were small it was still a great weed covered with crystals.

    1g- G-13 haze: one of the best...a truely amazing high high. one of those buds that when you smell it you get taken to a diffrent place.

    1g- Love Potion #5: another one of my favorite strains of the gave me a high that I found to be unique and very "lovely"

    1g- mexican haze: to be honest I was skeptical buying anything with the word "mexican in it...well after talking to the budtender I decided to give it a look considering it was their most expensive weed. man was I glad I did...It looked like someone dropped a bag of sugar on a barber shop floor, sooo many hairs and crystals.(13 euro)

    Spacke cake: I ate 3 space cakes from here...Not the strongest but when I ate 2 at one time I got pretty fuckin stoned

    Basjoe's: I came into this shop late at night after preparing all day for the moment my entire stoner life has been waiting for...Smoking a gram of what is to be considered the best ice-o hash in amsterdam...the "Terminator"....IN ONE SITTING.I don't know how many of you go to the amsterdam coffeeshop forums but I will send you a link to a discusion about this hash :: View topic - Terminator / Basjoes . I asked the dealer james(longest dreads I have ever seen) if anyone has ever accomplished it and he told me no....Good so I will be the first[4 stars]

    Now to accomplish this task I brought with me the RooR Zumo that I rented...oh and to those who don't know what it is [ame=]YouTube - ROOR Zumo HITS part 1[/ame]

    1g- Bas Special: to go along with the hash I also bought some of the bas special to cover the bottom of the screen for each bowl...great weed but it was to dark inside to really look at it

    1g- Terminator: when I first asked for it I didn't get was until a local came in and bought some that he told me I could get some...U know this stuff is very serious because he puts it in wax paper before he even puts it in the bag. Guys I don't think you understand how hard I had to wrok to finish a that gram. At one point a tear was rolling down my face and at the end I even threw up in my mouth and had to swallow it back down. with that said I kept hitting the RooR again and agian and agian....after 45 mins- 1 hour of constant bong hits the task was complete

    After I finished it i got james to throw away the bag for me...he gave me a free g of bas special right there. I don't know if it was because I had finished the hash or if he just liked me

    I have never been so high...I was was very polite and mature the whole trip except for this moment. I was laughing at strangers in their face on the street, walking with a certain drag to my feet, and feeeling like I had just woke up from a 4 yr. long was wierd

    oh ya and to anybody who says u can't finish a g of hash in one is me doing a g of hash in texas in uder 4 minutes
    [ame=]YouTube - Huge Hash One Hit[/ame]

  2. This is one of the best Amsterdam reviews that I've seen on these forums.

    I've been living here for about 4 months and have been sampling the local flavors.

    My favorites have been:

    - Neville's Haze and NYC Diesel from 420 Cafe
    - LSD and Amnesia Lemon from Amnesia
    - G13 Amnesia Haze and Super Silver Haze from Dampkring
    - Headband from Green place

    Just returned with some Yellow Cab from the Grey Area and the good ol Bas Special from Basjoe's.

    I may have to coax James into hooking me up with some terminator :devious:
  3. AHAHAHA fucking great dude.

    usually i skip over the 'Dam threads because they're fuckin lame, but this one had me interested from start to finish, nice write up man.
  4. Sounds like you had an awesome time, i dream for the day that i have the opporitunity to go there.
  5. exellent review op. great descriptions of everything truly makes me envious, and left dreaming to go there ha.

    question, are you saying the terminator is so strong that like, they dont normally sell it and you kinda have to be "in" for them to sell it to you?
  6. Really nice review. I am your age, and also went to Amsterdam earlier this year (May). I also went to Amnesia, great place. Did you stop by Greenhouse? I know it's the stereotypical cliche coffeeshop, but when I was there, I went there at least twice a day with my friend, and no one else was in there. It was a real nice place. Wish I had rented a RooR like you did, good idea there.

    Also, what touristy things did you do (other than visit coffeeshops :smoke:)?

  7. sounds like you had fun man. good post :hello:
  8. I went to Amsterdam this summer.. i have to agree with the fact that it is truly amazing and very safe.. never felt scared or threatened.. my favorite coffeeshop was Barney's lots of good quality bud.. G-13 Haze is some of the best bud I smoked down there but I also smoked: Northern Lights, Skunk OG Kush, Thai Bud, Dr. Grinspoon, Cali Mist, Blueberry, AK-47, Bubble Gum, White Widow, Chocolope, Quaze, Jamaican Ses, Master Haze, Silver Haze, Laughing Buddha, and Red Cherry Berry

    The Royal Jelly which was 45 euro was amazing as well.. I found when i smoked it, it got all brainy and expanded.. got me stonnnnneedddd.. every stoner should make an effort to make it to Amsterdam at one point in their life.. its amazing how there society can function perfectly with weed being legal.. i always knew it was possible :smoke:
  9. Basjoes was my fav. place while there, it was right around the corner from my spot, and the atmosphere just stuck with me. As soon as i got there i ordered up a gram of bas special, and dude gave me a free chunk of hash. Lemme just say, that i havent been that fucking stoned in ages!:smoke::smoke:

    hahah, when we were in there smokin up, dude came in with a bag, opened it up and had like 2-3 pounds just chillin.
  10. Nice dude, you went to the dam by urself?? Frig eh..that encourages me to get going there! i really need to check it out! Nice review btw, real interesting. I liked the hooker pickup.
  11. I really wanna go on a trip there

    I went to Adam for 420 earlier this year, I probably posted a review idr..I loved de dampkring and even scored a menu off them to put on my wall back home :} My fav bud was the Chocolope, it was perfect like you said. I <3 the cat too hahahahha

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