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  1. I've been gone from this forum for quite some time.

    Lots of shit has gone down since then. Lots of shit has been made up since then. And too many people went down or up since then. Lots of things change but there will always be constants:

    1) Marijuana smoking and/or hallucinagen ingesting
    2) Need for artistic expression, creative in/output
    3) The deterioration of our planet

    Back whenever I used to frequent this forum I recall some serious discussions with some down-to-earth (regardless of thier views and relation to my own) cats who get it. I don't remember too many of them, but I hope you guys are still around to throw some RELEVENT input my way***

    *** ie: Melt, Rastaman, Digit, IgotCottons (I know there are more, and I'm sure I've had convos with heads here but I just don't remember).

    So here is what I plan to do......very much regardless if anyone gets down....

    I am going to come to this forum/thread/whatever whenever I need to. Need to could be to post a photo, or bitch about addictions, or ramble some trippin rambles, or write a novel, or rap about my day, or anything else and forever. I'm not diggin the blog vibe right now.... I've never been into that scene. I posted some back then but they were forced. Perhaps whatsclevereveron.

    Scroll down for the begining of something...... who knows what....we'll find out when we get there.

    What do you think is the real America...(no right answer although based on true events).

    It's about 6:25 on Monday morning. The previous day's humidity can be seen lingering in the form of a light fog that is slow to burn off on another humid, cloudy summer day. I am slowing down on a side street as it nears a busy intersection some 150-200y ahead..... weathered cars line each side of the street, paying no mind to the signs instructing them to one side or the other on one day or another.... a large, haggard chevy van slips around the corner and squeeks to a stop in front of a complex of garbage containers, which in turn sit in front of a complex of duplex homes underachievement..... a 74 year old man with a small lunch-box runs from his house on the right hand side of America, down the steps and into the road.... he stops quick as if grabbed by the cortex and looks up and my truck as it slows to it's own semi-squeeky stop.... We make eye contact but for a second, and I continue on down Pixlie St. to Boston Ave. After I pass I glance in my rear view to see him...............

    A) ......reach to hand the driver, his daughter, the lunch-box he was carrying for his grand daughter, the passenger, who would have been the only person at school today without the day's particular trendy toy. The only thing is, she had been talking about it all weekend and any normal person (let alone parent) would have remembered even the slightest something about it..... but this old man's cute grand daughter's mother has yet to go to sleep and her mind is fried from a long nights work.....stripping and smoking coke.

    B)......hand off the lunch-box to the red Chevy van's driver, recieve his non-refundable donation, and run back up to his half of the white (now cream) colored duplex. He divides up the hustle into small parts, small parts which now need to be paid individually.... not to mention the groceries, rent, cable, electicity, diapers, insurance, life. On the kitchen table while he counts off what he believes to be a success, the cutest 7 year old girl runs past the table and out the door on the way to school and some money kicks up and flies off the table in her wake....almost following her out the door. The old man picks up his money, mother fucks the girl, continues his count, calls the man and waits his drug of choice. NOT groceries/rent/cable/elec.....etc..

    C)...... jump into the passenger seat as the van arrogently doesn't come to a complete stop and heads off on a long day of work.... as he has done for the past 60 years. The first 10 of which were to save enough money to get from his home country, Poland, to where he is now, America. Now, he hopes he can work long enough to save enough to go back.

    The true answer is 'C'. I have seen this man several times before during both of our routines. One day, a few months back, I rode my mountain bike instead of driving..... so when I past him on the side of the road while waiting for his boss, we had time to chat. Then this morning I drove past him and watched as his dickhead boss couldn't even come to a total stop to let the fucking guy in the van. He doesn't need that shit!! He works for the cutest 7 year old girl in the world. He works because her mother works too..... only, unfortunately, the mother works herself. I mean, she has employers (the mobsters who runs trip joints in the area)...... but the reason she works is herself. Which would be fine if she hadn't spawned a bastard from her drug enduced slutty fucking whore bitch ways.

    Now Ron is working, still, for his offspring and theirs alike. The difference between Ron and too many people is that the second his seed opened it's eyes..... he was working for it.

    Rants to be added and continued upon at a later time/date.....
  2. Why is mutant a negative term?? Mutations are why cats can see at night. Mutations are why Throny Devils (lizards) can stand on a damp area of sand and drink from their leg. Mutations are why humans have a dick sense of entitlement.

    If random mutations didn't occur naturally in nature, we wouldn't be.

    I am proud to say that I am a perfect mutant. I am sad to say I am an invasive species.

    According to my bosses (Open Space Management Commitee), an invasive species is an alien species whose introduction or spread threatens the environment, the economy, and /or society, including human health.

    Humans are TOTALLY the end all and be all of invasive species. We invade.... that is what we do. Even on worlds where no species exist (ever or any longer....).

    I work for a town in CT as an Open Space Management Intern.... I survey everything about everything in all the undeveloped open space parcels owned by the Town of Milford, CT. One of my most important tasks at these parcels is to identify and list invasive species. A few that are rampid here in souhtern CT are Ailanthus ('Tree of Heaven'), Bittersweet Nightshade, Mugwort, Purple Loosestrife, Oriental Bittersweet, Garlic Mustard, several Honeysuckles, and the one I see most.... Multiflora Rose bushes.

    These species of plant have been brought to Connecticut, one way or another, and are detrimental to the native plant species. Whether they subtract from natives light source, food source, or leg (root) room...they all do not belong and to not get along.

    Once upon a time, humans eveolved along side of all these plants and animals.... native, introduced or invasive. Eventually, a mutation gave us what we like to think is 'devine intelligence'. So if invasive species are usually brought to a location by humans.... and can be detrimental to a humans health.... then humans have to be an invasive species.

    1) We take over ALL natural land/plants/animals when we arrive(d) at a location
    2) Almost everything we do is detrimental to our health
    3) If humans bring the invasive species... we brought ourselves.

    In the Bahamas, there are unbelievably intricate mangrove systems that act as nurserys to thousands of marine species from sharks to fish to coral to invertebrates to turtles.... one of the more important and popular animal being the Tiger Shark... one if it's strongholds.

    Sometime ago, like 25 years, a condo development began on the south shore of the Bahamas.... directly IN the mangroves. Over the last 25 years, 1/3 of the mangroves have been completely killed or removed... never to re-establish what took them millenia to establish. It is said that before the development is finished, 100% of the mangroves in that area will have been destroyed. And what will be in it's place?? A mother fucking golf course and high priced resort condos.

    *Some info above from 'Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom: Tiger Sharks Under Attack'... which was on Animal Planet Sunday (8/3) night.
  3. Like i said earlier on this forum some build the personality they have always wanted on the internet cause there is no body that would know who they really are.

    i just started comming to this forums not a long ago so i dont know you but welcome back

  4. Interesting point.
  5. Maybe it's the current belief of some, that men/women are perfect already.

    Also, people seem to forget that for our bodies to work, there is a delicate underlying
    that systematically operates catering to the needs. In our ignorance, we can't respect it.

    That very system is governed by laws, that man can't replace effectively.
    In that sense, the natives had it right.

    Everyday i come closer to the realization how wonderful nomadic persons can be.
    Not that they go from place to place using up the resources, but they leave an area to mend for later seasons.

    Just my two pennies.
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    Ideology just gets in the way of transcendence. Liberate yourself from the illusion of culture. All was invented by man. Our realities get much much bigger when we forget who and where we are in the universe, because you realize transcending is the only real achievement in life.
  7. well welcome back dude,,,,,who could forget your name,,,, it's unique,,,

    allthough rasta-man is gone banned forever,, and digit is banned also,,,,,
    allthough i think his is only for a few months,,,,

    but rant on,,, theres still some of us that will listen,,,,:cool:


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