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  1. Ok im growin nirvana master kush seeds and from what im aware of there f1 question is that i plan on breedin them im flowering now finding the sex's of all my plants and i have all of them cloned and reasy to go.but my question is there f1's now when i pick my favorite female and male and breed them will the strain be f2 or a bx1 or 2? im new to breeding and i have been researching hard tryin to find all this info out.i would appreciate the help.i think it would be a f2 but a few things i have read is confusing me.any help woul dbe greatly appreciated.thanks :smoke:
  2. it would be BX1 for your records, an F1 is the first cross of two seperately stabelized strains.clone you best fem and cross it to the male with the best shape and clusters of balls. the seed that it produces crosses back to the mom and so on and so forth...

    if you find a bad ass fem along the way then you can start crossin back to it and, after a few generations, cross that one back to the first. this move restores the vigor a bunch and helps solidify the desired traits within the line. It is very possible for you to improve a strain this way but you really have to grow it a lot.
  3. thanks alot man,i been researchin and researchin and have found quite alot of information, I have read so much and so many diffrent things im confusing myself.That and having trouble finding exact questions i have.But once again man thanks for helping me out on that! stay high :smoke:

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