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Discussion in 'Hydroponic Grow Journals' started by oldskoolgrower, Apr 24, 2010.

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    Ok so since I came back I keep getting bugged about posting a journal. I'm not sure if I'll update this much or not but here's a little piece of what I'm up to in one of my grow rooms.

    I'm regenerating two of my Hash Plants. It was touch and go the first week but finally, new growth! In a few weeks I'll be able to take some cuttings.


    I have a mix in one of my flowering rooms. They are F3 and F4 hybrids of the strain I'm working on. Here are a few shots of them. They've been under 12/12 for about 10 days or so now.


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  2. Because the different hybrids are growing at different rates I'll be separating them shortly so they can be tiered so as to be at an even level from the lights.
  3. Looking great bro. Glad you decided to post another journal. We will keep the trolls away. ;) :devious: :D

    Plants are kicking ass too. :metal: :smoking:
  4. That has got to be such a cool feeling knowing that you helped select the genes to make those lovely plants OSG :cool: they look happy as all hell;). Nice to see you still have a camera and are generous enough to share, take care OldSkooler :wave:
  5. Thanks brother, as always :) It's nice to get compliments from someone who is also a skilled grower in his own right.

    Thanks! Yes it's always a good feeling. I've been breeding since the early 80's, on and off. I love creating new hybrids and strains.
  6. wow, those plants look really solid overall. very nice branching. :D thanks for sharing OSG. :wave:
  7. You're welcome, and thank you as well :)

    It's a very vigorous hybrid. So far it's taken on the best characteristics of both parent strains (Oaxacan landrace Sativa crossed with Northern Lights #5)
  8. [​IMG]


    picture perfect man!
  9. Thanks cousin. I'll try to post an update a week maybe as they mature. I have some other things going on in other chambers but I might save those for the VIP or Nirvana.
  10. i lied.. but i just came back and will now remember to subscribe. :smoking: (we need a vaporizer smiley)
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  11. :laughing: You old burnout.

    I never cease to be fascinated by the Plant. I love looking at closeups so I'm making you look at them too. She's especially pretty when she is first starting to bloom.


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  12. Yeah that is a very cool pic for sure. I love watching the flowering process myself. :D :smoking:
  13. I have a good feeling about this run. Seven out of eight were female, and from the internode lengths and where the flowers are sprouting I expect some nice dense buds.
  14. I'd like a seat for this.

    Good to see you workin it OSG.:hello::D
  15. I'm always workin' it, I just don't always advertise or share it ;)
  16. :cool:...a osg pulling up a chair... looking great osg...
    Thanks for sharing:D
  17. I'm glad you've decided to share this one.
  18. I guess I should say how they are being grown.

    I do most of my grows in rockwool. You could call it an ebb and flow but it's all done by hand. I mix the nutes daily with filtered water and hand water them. They are in rockwool cubes sitting in kitty litter trays.

    Currently I'm using Humboldt nutes with a few of my own special touches (humic acid, unsulphered blackstrap molasses, and my mojo).
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    Do you water them once a day? Drain to waste? I won't be a complete pain with questions, just enough to get a bit of a handle on your methods.

    I guess you do drain to waste since you mix daily.
  20. I wouldn't recommend my methods to anyone because they rely in a huge part on my intuition. When I was younger I was a lot more anal at times but now I've learned to be Zen about my growing. It's 90% by 'feel'.

    I don't drain them. I give them the water they need and no more, no less. If there's any left after a few hours I did something wrong.

    I generally water/feed once or twice a day.

    I vary my nute levels by intuition. I don't measure PPM and I only check the pH of my mix once in awhile or if I see a problem.

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