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Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by bigggsteve89, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Whats up everyone! Since I moved I had to shut down my tent about 2 years ago and I now have the opportunity to set my tent up again! Just a little journal to track everything. Ive grown a few crops but I seem to always find some new info on here from time to time. Im in the process of getting the tent up now. Ill be running a 4x4 tent clip on ossolating fan plus another on the floor inside the tent as well as a 6 inch exhaust fan up top. I have 3 300w marshydro led lights and im going to grab either a 600w or maybe even the 1200w led panel off ebay nothing major. Ill be running 3 to 4 plants max in 3 gallon grow bags or pots 70/30 coco perlite mix. I have the advanced nutrients line as well as a mammoth line I may try unless I decide to go with the dr earth organics line. I have a quite a selection of seeds to work with as seen in the pic always up for some tips and tricks! Ill post pics as I go 1539263408604.jpg

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  2. Have you grown in coco before?
  3. Thats what I was using in previous grows
  4. Good luck with your grow. :)
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