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  1. Whats up everyone! Since I moved I had to shut down my tent about 2 years ago and I now have the opportunity to set my tent up again! Just a little journal to track everything. Ive grown a few crops but I seem to always find some new info on here from time to time. Im in the process of getting the tent up now. Ill be running a 4x4 tent clip on ossolating fan plus another on the floor inside the tent as well as a 6 inch exhaust fan up top. I have 3 300w marshydro led lights and im going to grab either a 600w or maybe even the 1200w led panel off ebay nothing major. Ill be running 3 to 4 plants max in 3 gallon grow bags or pots 70/30 coco perlite mix. I have the advanced nutrients line as well as a mammoth line I may try unless I decide to go with the dr earth organics line. I have a quite a selection of seeds to work with as seen in the pic always up for some tips and tricks! Ill post pics as I go 1539263408604.jpg

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  2. Have you grown in coco before?
  3. Thats what I was using in previous grows
  4. Good luck with your grow. :)
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  5. I actually just came across another 300w marshydro led panel giving me a total of 4 at 140w a peice from the wall. Thinking I should get atleast another panel or 2 in there. Found some reasonable ones on ebay that pull 200w to 260w from the wall
  6. Havent updated in a min heres what I got today marks 1 week of being in the solos. Bagseed from some gorilla cookie( gg4x gsc) doing a 70/30 mix of coco and perlite feeding twice daily til 20% run off using the general hydroponics maxi grow. I have the bloom and koolbloom for later on. Ill update once a week 20181031_073243.jpg
  7. You don't need the maxigrow at all - you can just use maxibloom alone until flower.
  8. Oh wow I didnt know that. Once in flower what would be best?
  9. You can use MaxiBloom all the way through from sprout to harvest without any additives if you like - I've done it for years. I've never used additives but a lot of people add the liquid koolbloom for the first 4-5 weeks of flower and finish with dry koolbloom. I don't know the strength that they use, sorry.
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  10. I appriciate it man! I didnt know I could use the bloom all the way thru... That makes it even more simple!!
  11. Funny you should say that - it's known as the K.I.S.S. method - keep it simple stoner. 7 grams (1tsp) of MaxiBloom per gallon of tap water is considered full strength. I do 1/4 strength for the first 2 weeks, increase to 1/2 strength for another 2 weeks, then full strength. Good luck with your grow. :)
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  12. Awesome! I started with 1/4th tsp in a gallon was planning to increase after a few weeks. Thanks man!
  13. Just a quick update. Plants are 2 weeks from sprout today. They will be getting transplanted to their final 1gal pots. Each ones under a mars hydro 300w led got my 4" exhaust fan yesterday temps are sitting at a steady 78 degrees. Going to bump up the nutes a little as well 20181107_084138.jpg 20181107_084144.jpg
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  14. Looking great but at this early stage you could’ve just kept all 4 under the same light as they don’t need much. When they progress the light each will be perfect though.

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  15. It looks like you're close to transplant time.
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  16. Thats the plan as soon as I get off work!
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  17. 3 weeks from sprout today. The left 2 were topped a few days ago the right 2 were tied down a bit. Ive just been tucking the bigger leafs under as I go. Thinking ill veg another week or 2 then flip. Not looking for monster plants being I only have the marshydro at the moment and being they are bagseed I expect a male in there somewhere. I will be upgrading to some 132 quantum boards within a few weeks. Been giving them 1/2 on the nutes. Not seeing any burns on the leafs I may up it again. 20181114_085532.jpg
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  18. Got my package from the vault today had won it on their credit card contest they had going. Think I may run autos my next go around once I get the qbs 1542810049645.jpg 20181121_091708.jpg
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  19. Just a little update I just sold all my led lights but unfortunately amazon is out of stock on the qb 132s... Go figure!
  20. Just threw some t5s in the tent for now says the qb 132s should be in stock on the 5th of dec planning on grabbing 8 of them

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