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  1. Fuck.

    These last few weeks have been nothing but fucked up. I havent been on because my computer completely crashed. No idea whats wrong with it either. Luckily I got my laptop, but its fucked up as well...

    A few weeks ago, me and my friends went out to look for some strip clubs. There were 4 of us. Me, 2 of my roommates and a friend of ours. We drove around for a good hour before we found something. We go in and the first thing he asks us is if we are 21. Only one of us was, and he had all the beer, of course. Im 20 and the other two were 18 and 19. We jump across the street to check out a headshop there, but it was closed. Then we see this small building with 'Babes' in glowing neon, so we decided to check it out. We were the only ones except for one dancer and her boss. We watch the girl dance for a while and we all got to talking. 'Stormy', her dancer name, was pretty cool. We tried paying her to do a private show at our dorm:D. We go back the next week just for the fuck of it and we meet Stormy's roommate 'indica'.:smoke:. Me and my other friend start hanging out with these girls and we're good friends now. Whats also cool is that their dealer lives next door and they are the only 2 on that floor. Hes a cool motherfucker.

    Thats pretty much the background to the story. This happened about 3 weeks ago...I think. Ive lost so many days since then. All 4 of us go hang out at their apartment to get stoned and drunk for the first few days. I drive them to and from work since its only down the street. I should also mention these girls are hardcore juggalettes. This is when things start fucking up. I missed an entire week of school to hang out with them but I didnt even realize it. So I have to bust my ass now to catch up. Thats not even the fucked up part. While we are hanging out at my dorm, we had a slight encounter with the campus police.
    While we were at their apartment, the girls were drunker than hell. They made ozzy look sober. Me and my friend decided to take them back to our dorm for the night because of some shit that was going on and we couldnt leave them there drunk. We get back and they're stumbling and yelling, and we tried to quiet them down since the cops do walk around. Me and stormy were in my room fucking when we heard someone pounding on my door. We both think its the others just fuckn around with us...that is until we heard 'Campus police, open up'. Im still thinking they're just fuckn with us so I open my door, in nothing but my boxers, to a short lady cop. I try to stay as cool as possible. She asks me for my school ID, so I get my wallet and show her. So Im just standing there, in the middle of my living room, in nothing but a pair of boxers, going full salute to the cop. Stormy is just laying there on my bed when I look around but I also notice my mushroom pipe is laying on my fucking dresser! The cop asks me to stand aside while she talks with stormy. Im freaking out at this point. She walks back out after about 5-10 min and looks right at me and says, 'You dont go anywhere, I think you know what its about.' After a 'brief' search, she talks my knives, my paintball gun, my 2 grinders, my glass pipe and bubbler, a small amount of weed, and a whole assortment of stoner nicknacks and accessories. She almost seemed sorry for doing it though. She was really cool about all of it. It takes about 3 hours for me to get back into my room.
    I thought someone called them on us but apparently, another one of my friends had girls over too and the cop just happened to hear us. x.x Still dont know what they're going to do to me. Since it was the campus police that caught me, they have to file a report on it.

    Had enough yet? Didnt think so.

    One of the reasons we went back to my dorm was because of this asshole downstairs that has nothing else better to do than to bitch at us. This has been going on since he moved in apparently. Stormy was already on probation and we were smoking and drinking that night and I didnt feel like going to jail or even talking to a fuckn cop. He finally got them evicted a few days ago and now Indica has no place to go. There is more to the story but I wouldnt feel right saying since its not my story.

    Anyway, I get ahold of 20 xanaxs and they're supposed to last me the month. being the dumbass I am, I apparently ate all of them in one night. I honestly dont remember taking more than 3. I get these really sharp headaches now, and I fell into a deep depression since then. My friends are getting about x tabs for next week and I cant decide if Im going to join them. They said they were getting dolphins. I know theres an extacy pill report site but I cant remember it so can someone post the link?

    So thats pretty much my last few weeks, minus a few me getting a mohawk. I honestly thought my parents were going to freak but they seemed ok with it. My grandma even laughed about it. I was surprised. So Im just sitting in my room(with a needle in my hand) typing this out, trying to find something I can smoke out of. I got a little weed for tonight. Last time I will ever have it here, and possibly the last I will smoke for a while.

    Sorry for the long read, but thats only a summary of what happened.
  2. Good story. It sucks you got your shit taken, though. I wonder if they will try to fuck you with having the PB gun too.
  3. that sucks man....
    damn drunk hoes.

    and Yeah Xannax will do that to ya :).

    I would say if your all depressed take a break, isnt there a risk of crashing and being even more bummed out.

    If you can handle it, then by all means go for it.
  4. Back again...again
    I refuse to type what happend this time so ill just list it
    -Got pulled over for going 70 in a 65 (because it was night)
    -Got caught with a pipe along with another one of my friends.
    -Drove from east Texas to detroit for a concert in a scion xa with 6 people. 1 was really fat.
    -We went to see Insane Clown Possie for Hallowicked
    -had to stop at a hotel halfway because one of my friends had an alergic reaction to one of the blunt wraps
    -Met some fucked up people there.
    -3 of my friends got branded with the hatchetman
    -Hotel manager blamed us for damaging a trash can, then told the people that were staying there that we said it was them
    -Went to their signing
    -Got gassed after the concert
    -Got 4 free cases of Faygo
    -Got tickets for the after party, but I stayed with my friend who got sick. Everyone else went
    -Left right after
    -Made our friend go insane
    -Skipped court for this concert
    -Parents got my warrant notice
    -They paid it but now I have to move back in with them

  5. shiiiity bro.

    :( here hit this :bongin:

    idk what to say
  6. Thats another thing that makes it so shitty. I dont know anyone up here yet and I have no money to buy any to bring back. Damn you sobriety!
  7. Oh yeah, my friend who also had the warrant for the same thing I did, decided to write on a parked train while taking indica to work. I got out to piss and we hear someone yelling. Z says he didnt hear anything and we yell at him to get back in the car, because we think its just some pissed off old guy. We back up and we see the guy walk out and
    i noticed that he had his gun drawn and I knew it was a cop. He pulled us over and he calls the local cops. We are in a semi big town and the cops are assholes. We have our warrants in a smaller town in a neighboring county. The cop that stopped us was a rent a cop at an abandoned oil place. Hes also a sherriff in the county we have warrants in. He asks to search my car and I, as politely as possible, declined. 5 min later we have 4 cop cars with a k-9. He asked me if I declined a search and asked if I had drugs in the car. I said no, though we had about a nickle in there. Indica tells him that there is a bag of weed on the ground so they search it without the k-9. They find the nickle and they fuck with us for the next 10 min, asking things like 'can you drive manual' to indica. That scared the fuck out of me. They ended up tossing the weed and letting us go!:eek:
    The rent-a-cop told us that if it was up to him, we all would be in jail and he didnt understand why the other cops were being so nice. We quickly leave and we find a few roaches and our pipe still in there!!! We couldnt fucking believe it!:yay:
    So that night, we got out of trespassing on railroad property, vandalism, possession, paraphernalia, and our warrants!
  8. By any chance is the college your attending called. The School of Ha:prd Knocks?
  9. I can't feel bad for you, even after you do stupid shit, you keep doing more stupid shit.
  10. True enough. Im not looking for sympathy. I just thought someone might be interested in what was going in my life
  11. Shit man. Sorry to hear all that stuff went down. I dropped out of college recently and I'm unsure about what I'm going to do.

    I wish you the best of luck recovering from all this crazy shit. Don't become a juggalo haha (just kidding do what you want).
  12. Im not trying to be a dick...

    But it seems like you need to calm down man, you have your future ahead of you...

    Some weed and striper pussy isn't worth working a dead end job for 50 years untill you die. Or even doing jail time for that matter
  13. QFT dude its not worth it just remember you always have friends to talk to here at the city:smoking::wave:

  14. Sorry to hear all that,

    but if you're still wondering- is the site.

    there are other mdma related sites, and there's a good chance that whatever you're taking won't be there (but you never know), so...if it's not on that site in your sub-region, and you still take them, nibble a bit of it and if it tastes bitter, proceed with some assurance that it's probably e.

    hope all goes well for you.
  15. Here's your blue dolphins, report out of DFW Tx.
    sorry if I'm not supposed to post links, figured it being for the safety of this guy here it might be ok, seeing as it does appear to be a tainted batch of x.

    looks like there are some real ones, but for the most part, knock-off meth-bombs / amphetamines. heed caution, and pass that to your friends. high chance of rip off / very unexpected effects.

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