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  1. So evidently I don't have it under total control for some reason I'm showing more deficiencys on my sour d I'm not sure if it's a "maganese" deficiency or a calcium deficiency. IT seems like its calcium ,But I have been running RO water and every feeding which is 2 -3days I am giving 4.5ml of cal-mag To 1.5 gallons of RO and it doesn't seem to get better the or lessen the past few days . My ph going in usually 6.5 to 6.8 and run off is like 6.2 to 6.5, also for some reason my plants both seem to be drinking less water then normal witch really doesn't make sense..
    1 more thing wondering why one buds white pistols are red and look burnt and the tips of leaves is that a phosphorus deficiency or is it a toxicity? Ppm run of is around 700 to 800
    Temperature is 76 °F and RH is 46%

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  2. My guess nute burn. Leaves are very green qnd tips burnt.

  3. So do u think it's a nutrient lock out? Cause I know the sound diesel one has what appears to be calcium deficiency but hard to say and my peyote critical seems to have vary flimsy steams at the moment and neither one are drinking alot of water at the moment normally I go thru 1.5 gal every other day and now there almost still soaked 3 days later.. doesn't make sense..
  4. What are growing in?

  5. Fox farm ocean forest soil with 30 percent perlite.. in 5 gal fabric pot

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