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  1. Hows every one been doing, some of the stuff thats been happening since last i was here i moved up to north bay ontario with my girl friend so she could go to collage. While we where up there the first few months where really good, found out we where gonna be having a kid. We got pretty excited about it but then a few weeks later it started to go down hill. We found out that she a miscagage, then having money problems fighting alot dealing with ass hole cops every thing seemed like it was slipping but we decided to move back to our home town and things picked up again.

    We where getting along well for the first few months again we found out that we`d be having a kid again. We got exicted about it going around buying stuff for it and all that then a few weeks after that it happend again, another miscargae and the same stuff started happening all over again but we pulled it together and where always there for each other.

    A months after this things where still going well untill she came home from work on our 4 year annaversy i opend the door and she was standing there crying i asked her what was wrong, she said that she was thinking and she wants me to move out. I was pretty pissed and hurt i ended up getting really messed up then getting into a few bar fights that night. But a few days after that she called me asking to hang out i did and she asked me to move back in at the end of the month.

    After i moved back in every thing was going really good again she was saying that kicking we out was the biggest mistake of her kife and shes really sorry. We where both pretty happy i thought any way but on saturday she came home from work again i opend the door and shes standing there crying. My first thought was get packing and i was right she said she wanted me out by the next day. asked her what i did she she said she thinks we`ve been threw too much together so i asked her what she ment and she said that every time she looks at me all she thinks of is the miscarages, i didn`t get how its my fault i was always there for her when they happend.

    My dad told me i can stay at his place unyill i get back on my feet, his appartment is in the same building and today i was standing out side having a smoke and guess who walksk by, Only shes holding some guys hand this was the breaking point i yelled and started to run towards him but he jumped in his truck and took off. I noticed who he was tho, some bitch from around town who woudn`t come with in 60 feet of me

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