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Back Again!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dizzysavage, Nov 20, 2002.

  1. HEY ALL, i'm back again after a loooong vacation from the site. it all happened when my parents caught me again so i had to lay off, they were pretty cool about it because of my good grades. Well they took the puter away so i had nothing to talk to you people with. Well one thing lead to another and i forgot the site address being scared to write it down anywhere! Well im back and i just wanted to say hey to you all and hope you all enjoy smoking herb as much as i do....
  2. How could you forget grasscity?
  3. It was hard i had to sit for around a half an hour to try and remember i kept tryin grassland and finally it just came to me.... dont ask how i forgot i just did the short term memory must've died i guess.... wonder how that happened....;)
  4. Hello...


    Eww, got caught. Glad you're back. Have fun. I'm stoned. :)
  5. welcome back, not that i have been around long enough to remember you, or maybe it's one of those short term memory things. well all the same, enjoy your return.
  6. Welcome back Dizzy! Sending some good karma your way!

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