Back again X2 Girl Scout Cookies & LSD 25 Grow!

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    Greetings potheads :love-mj: and FED's :cop: Welcome to Another one of my Grows! I Named this one Back Times 2 because 1.I am Back again with another Grow and 2. I'm back at trying DWC again! YAY!. So Brief Background I have done about 8 Grows since start. I was successful in all Grows save for an DWC grow I attempted while in college about 8 years ago or so. Plants died due to ROoOoOt Rot! ugh the devil.

    Back at that time I Didn't Know much about DWC. It was just starting to become a big thing an people were doing it unfortunately the Videos I watched an tried to imitate did not show EVERYTHING. There is to do and know. Im not sure if it was because it was considered Common Sense Or if they were just lucky an didnt run into the problems I do my first go. IDK whatever. I love Growing I have a high paying job an could simply buy someone elses hard work an probably have better stuff lol but i just love doing it. I dont sell I just share and smoke . it calms me down an add some sort of tranquility to my life when growing.But back on track. 8 grows , usually soil,failed at 1 dwc attempt years ago, I live in southeast U.S . I only grow Autoflowers Always have since they hit the market and probably always will unless something I really want to try isnt offered in AF form. Now Lets get to Set up and Grow.(BTW all constructive criticism and Help welcomed along the way)

    2x 5 gallon Buckets
    1 x Fast Buds Auto Girl Scout Cookies , 1 x Fast Buds Auto LSD 25
    Light - 400w MH/HPS digital dimmable ballast
    Median - Rockwell cubes and Hydro-ton rocks
    Nutes - Advanced Nutrients Grow,Micro bloom (thinking of buying their Big bud but its pricey)
    1 x PH meter ,1 x PPM/Temp Meter , 1 x PH up/Down 1 x 793 GPH Commercial Air Pump , 2 x AIT (Air Injection Technology) If unfamiliar with some research Seems legit to me vs air stones. videos I watch they gave way more bubbles an more surface area. 1 x 7.8L Air pump as emergency backup , 1 x Oscillating fan 1 x H202 Liquid Oxidizer ,obviously air pump tubing. 1 x Digital Thermometer ..Think thats it.

    This is just my introductory Post so the Grow hasn't officially gone underway, but its in the works so right off the bat I have a question if someone can answer it properly. I saw alot of videos people saying they use RO water or Reverse Osmosis water in thier DWC . Every search I did on RO came up with basically the machine you can buy to make the water yourself an Not what I was looking for which was a place I could just go buy the water?.. So If I don't get any feedback before the seeds pop I'm just going to use distilled water Unless someone can tell me better. Also If someone doesn't mind trying to explain how PPM's work in simplest way possible. I have the gist of it I believe but trying to get a good understand of it. Lastly here are some photos of my setup. Its very minimal an cheap I always build like that because I often dispose of everything in between moving or paranoia . EVERYTHING below is pretty much Brand new did it all for around $220-250 ish I believe NUTES was a big chunk of that and the digital ballast .

    Snapchat-822772508.jpg Snapchat-229030168.jpg Snapchat-1076512471.jpg Snapchat-767878517.jpg Snapchat-1264451173.jpg Snapchat-66057052.jpg Snapchat-1778822776.jpg
  2. None of your photos loaded brother . ppm is how much nutrient in your solution. USA uses the 500 part of the meter. The EC part tells you the electrical conductivity of the water. U can't buy ro water. Distilled water I wouldn't use. You will have to many ph problems . use filtered tap water. Let it sit a couple days your good. Im starting mine as we speak [​IMG]

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  3. thanks for the feedback . I read a range of 600-800 is the optimum or safe range of PPM for plants? also If you care to drop a link to your grow feel free I will check yours out in between working on my own. I also read somewhere if you use filtered tap water you need to let it sit until ppm shows 0?
  4. Im not sure bout that one ill say this much I started my roots dwc tap water straight out my faucet. I doubt you'll ever get a reading of 0 on ppm

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  5. Ill keep updated on yours . and it depends what line of nutes your using but that sounds kinda high

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  6. Seedlings 200 ppm veg 800 to 1000. 1200 to 1500 for flower. Used a basic guide to find that .

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  7. First dwc gro 1400 Watts hybrid grow

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  8. i only use distal water now tap water way to hard but i have mine own water distiller no ph problems as of yet .
  9. Look it up online I wouldn't steer u wrong . saw to many people talking about it

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  10. Man o Man in my head the rest of the prep would be fast to get it started. I WAS WRONG . Today I Got my New commercial Pump in mail Sooo When I got home first thing I did was check the Seeds I had set to Germinate and they both popped :yay:so next thing I did was Plug the pump in to see how Loud it is an man :( it is very loud! I would bet about a good 10-15 DB louder than most regular small air pumps . :sad:

    But I continued on SO next thing I had to tackle was the air tubing right off the bat I had an issue . There are six non-close able openings on the feeder that came with the pump and I only need/have 4 places for hoses to go to on my AIT devices in the buckets. So after thinking I decided to use a small piece of tubing to connect the 2 openings I dont need so the air will just go right back in an out the only openings. But then I realized the openings are way bigger than the tubing size :eek: . Geeez Man after searching online for help an trying to force it on for about 30 mins I read where someone said to use a lighter to heat the opening of the tube which will make it softer an more flexible . I did this an it worked! Although Not as easy as it sounded nor fast. It took me about 2 hours maybe just to get them all on smh . But finally I had them on and working. So then I filled the buckets with water and a bowl to soak the rockwell in after I adjusted all of them to 5.8 ph.

    OMG i knew it would be tedious to PH the water down. But I had no idea it would be this tedious lol I was being very careful tho not to put too much then have to PH up and I was sucessful but I had to do like 4-5 rounds of adding . placing the top on an off the PH down for fair of spilling it . but finally got it right so I soaked the rockwell for 10 secs like instructed placed the buckets and pump back in the growing room. meanwhile to took the lids to add Hydroton and (Plant) the rockwell ,But first I cleanse the hydroton thoroughly. I remembered from the first time I tried DWC how dirty they come. so after I cleaned them I planted the rockwell in it and sat them on the buckets.

    **Key things**
    1. the Pump is so loud I can hear it througout my apartment not loudly throughout but its there. I also wonder if the ppl below me can hear it . I dont think they should an if they did it should only be a light buzzing on their end as what I am hearing isnt horrible but decently loud an Im right next to it. Im really thinkin about trying a different pump if any recommendations Im all ears but I hope to keep the power or close to im at 793GPH right now if im not mistaken.

    2. The AIT Air Injection Technology as they are calling it ROCKS! Just like the videos even bubble distribution all over the bucket and man their are a ton of bubbles just from what Ive seen vs other growers using air stone even the good ones I can tell what Im using is superior the Strong pump is playing a part as well at this point im just wondering How much of a part because I really do need something quieter .

    3. I'm officially all set up just waiting for sprout and for that root to drop out the bottom. I havent introduced nutes to the water yet once I get my starter leaves or the root drops whichever comes first ill add Nutes an RE PH if needed . The nutes Im using from advanced nutrients has that Perfect PH technology which is suppose to actually PH the water for you an keep it the correct PH . we'll see soon. i also watched videos where it did work. PICS BELOW .
    20961111_1461712483917838_598306486_o.jpg 21014818_1461712487251171_356643048_o.jpg
  11. Video of the Bubble distribution of AIT with 793 GPH pump

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  12. my girls are looking good no problems thus far with the DWC. Hey! that loud air pump quieted down by itself idk if it was all the moving around ,hanging it and putting it down or if it just louder the first few hours but when I awoke the next morning it was about 30% less nosy :thankyou:. Im really excited about this grow I think more than any I have ever done before for 1. first true time at DWC,2 the strains look and sound so tasty and trying some new nutes and back to MH/HP setup my last grow I did LED an wasn't really impressed. So yes excited to see this outcome indeed . the only down side is both these strains have finished around 85 days in most post that i've read . I only have 60 to get it done because I am moving soon an at that time they will be too big smelly to transport so I'm going to more than likely take what I have at that time . but this wont be the last grow that's for sure but interesting non the less here's some pics . the girl scout cookies has a root finally at the bottom. still none on LSD. Also LSD new growth came in Lime Green. I gave some more Cal Mag going to watch an see what happens in next 2 days.
    21198199_1469459193143167_2130755564_o.jpg 21248025_1469459219809831_1900658809_o.jpg 21267381_1469459153143171_1651508916_o.jpg 21198084_1469459143143172_642813066_o.jpg
  13. I see that you thermometer is reading 81. I also didn't see any Hydroguard in your pics. I highly recommend getting some if you can't keep res temps below 70. H2O2 will help treat the root rot but Hydroguard will prevent it.
  14. hey thank you bro!
  15. Sub'ed good luck bro im about to start a dwc for the first time. Look fprward to seeibg your progress.

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  16. How did it end up? Final weight ect? I’m doing the same lsd 25

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