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  1. So I'm back guys, after a successful first grow(one plant 32 branches 3.5 oz) but I need some help. I want to know if its possible to achieve a decent yield in a 2.5-3 month maximum amount of time. I want to do another grow in my 2x2x6 tent running a shit ton of CFLs. Basically I know what to do during the grow I just want to know if anyone here has done a small 2.5 month cfl grow with decent yields at the end. I want advice on when to switch to flowering and basically all time related shit. I put this in the beginners section in hopes that a seasoned grower would see this and be able to help me. Any advice on when to switch to flowering would be great. Thanks again GC and I hope to hear from someone asap
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    To answer your post have done it before, so you know whats up, you should have a good idea whats what with those CFL's, so your first job is to move then to the trash and forget that shit tech, and get proper lights for proper buds

    will give lumens over the 10-12 week grow, use auto seeds, and junk that shit closet go for 

    Keep in mind that it is that lack of knowledge and incorrect equipment that will hold you back, get the gear the rest will follow

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