Back after two years, getting kicked out the army :(

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  1. Hello fellow blades, I cant really use that yet because i have yet to smoke. Alot has changed since i was last on the forums haha. Well Friday night i was driving back my barracks after only two 12 ounce beers. I got pulled over 30 feet from my parking lot due to the light above my plates being out. ( i did not even know i had lights there) and the MP said he smelled beer on me. I blew a .09 (legal limit is 0.8) and got arrested :/. Needless to say im getting chaptered out the army for DWI. Lucky me its a general discharge which wont affect your life in anyway. That was Friday and its Sunday night now so i will find out more in the morning at formation. Let me know if you guys want me to keep yall updated. Just wanted to say hey and its good to be back :gc_rocks::goodnight:
  2. Thats crazy I always thought your BAC rises .02 after every drink you have? So you could legally drive after two beers?
  3. What an asshole. Definitely keep us updated but I hear MP is even worse than regular police.

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  4. They don't deserve your support,
  5. I thought the military was very cool with drinking.. cause that's all they've got, alcohol and tobacco.. I would have thought he would just take your keys and send you to bed with an extra set of push-ups in the morning.. too many movies I guess. I'd love to hear what happens next, I'm subbing! Best of luck brother, "with every door that closes another opens", right?

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  6. That would happen if it had happen in his unit and who finds out. MP's job is to write tickets and deal with domestic violence.

    Green wienie has found you, stand by

    I got caught without a seat belt once, no tickets off or in base in like 8 years and lost my driving privileges for a month.

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  7. How the hell did you blow .09 after 2 cans of beers?

    That sucks though bro, just gotta try to move forward I guess
  8. You should be sent to GIT MO for this heinous crime!

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  9. Everyone's body is different and there are other factors, if he hadn't eaten a lot that day, your BAC will get higher way faster than .02 per drink. Alos while it was two beers, they could have easily been IPA's or something where the alcohol content is 7% plus so those two beers is more like 4.
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  10. Can I ask a question
    Was this your 1st offense or were there others?
  11. Just goes to prove once again, no good deed goes unpunished.
  12. 1st offense
  13. Here
    Update: So far so good, Monday morning i started the processing on getting out called phase one. i completed that all within two days. Now i have phase two in the next week which is a physical exam. My leadership will be back in the morning so that will be a blast. Hopefully everything will go lightly without any punishment and just me getting the boot. Im already putting in job applications and packing what little things the army will allow me to own. Its gonna feel good being free again, Now its just a waiting game...
  14. How can you out process if no one has initiated the paperwork? Normally you'd have to get an Article 15 to start with. Too much missing here.
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  15. Fishy, you can't get forced out without some type of judicial or non judicial proceeding. Issuing info here

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  16. That's fucked up.
  17. Oooooo this is getting juicy

    What's the real deal op???

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  18. I really don't think they will trio about a .1 over. Sounds like you want to leave the military anyways bro.

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  19. Why would anyone want to join the army? Get treated like shit and be a pawn of war? No thank you.

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  20. I got 2 beers and a dwi on the low!

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