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  1. Here a bit background info about me.
    I was introduced to cannabis by a friend in the year 1995 one day he just got a small piece of hash resin from a friend and then we smoked a so-called joint.

    Then I have quit smoking in the year 1997, when after a while we were just hanging out boozing marijuana (grass as wel called it) using these water pipes.
    All the tought was just about how to get more, when to smoke the next time, and we were hanging around pretty stoned too often.

    I have started again last year October, this time growing myself, for various personal reasons (you would not want to know all the details). Before of that I was opposed to smoking for these 10 years!

    But then I was thinking that the problems did not relate to the *dope*, but the people around me, and the way we were obtaining it (from strange underground dealers).

    Between last year and now I have maybe smoked 100 joints most of them just weed leaves. I know, maybe you laugh, but I do not want to trip out and become locked like on hash, but just want to get a little high. It works for me!
    Now it is the first time I am growing outdoors, and I feel a little like these mexican guys- crossing all sort of wilderness territory, hide items, mending the plants. I have ordered the seeds from NL and everything arrived!

    I am strongly supporting legalization what is the matter these days just any geek can go to a 5-star hotel here, drop into the bar, and have a few decent beers. It is normal socially accepted culture. BUT- it is dumb, the music is loud, and if you drink to much you get sick and must take great care not to vomit. Recently I tried a bottle of rum- I was just able to cut half of it then stopped totally boozed. It was not so bad, but then cutting down the rest was not so great. the hangover the next morning was horribly!

    Also I do not feel any cr*minal or doing something wrong.
    Marijuana does not impair work like computer programming, or especially my skills just to write stuff.
    OK in the 1990 when i smoked hash I DO REMEMBER sometimes there was heavy paranoia. But it is related to the strange people. Marijuana does cause a temporary sensory overload, and that has nothing to do with narcotic. It is a stimulant drug or better say, recreational substance.
    In the 1990s i liked dance music some disco or this techno-style stuff nowadays I can not stand it have changed to classical music!

    Maybe Marijuana works differently if you are a teen, a high-school/colledge student, or an adult. I DO THINK that i can handle Marijuana!

    It is legal in Argentina, Czech, Brasil and tolerated in NL. More nations should follow. Alcohol is so boring stupid and it is wrecking down people for real yet you can buy it everywhere, gas stations, supermarkets and the like.
    My vision is that one day you could just simply buy a small marijuana plant in an ordinary supermarket- it is not really that special. It is not an narcotic or a dangerous drug you should rather treat it like coffee, beer, or cola. It does cause a temporary sensory overload but aren't parents neurotic about everything in general? if it is not Marijuana then it is freaky clothing, weird music, or video games.

    Are we addicted to food just because we must eat every day? Marijuana is not the same as hard drugs which are toxic, dangerous, and not always hygienic. Everyone can grow it easily! Yet the obscene media is almost all the time mixing it up with unwanted information about other drugs, as well strange myths (aka gateway drug). you see some strange photos at but I would say, there are enough people who are stupid, and do stupid things, with marijuana, or without marijuana. Tell these politicans, THEY also do these things without marijuana. Tell them I have quit Marijuana for ten years just because I was not interested anymore. Tell them I am zero interested to try other drugs, or to buy stuff from strange dealers in general. It made up 80% of my Marijuana problems in the 1990s, the rest was the people I was around with all day and we just developed differently- with marijuana but I also think it would be the same difference without marijuana.

    Today I smoke it as a joint- and I do like the sensory overload, the weird emotional associations that sometimes occur when listening to music, and especially shopping in a supermarket! the escalator takes ages and there are underground chambers in the city tarnished with some kind of quite ordinary ashtrays, which also act as exhausts. underground, there are about 20 dragon-like creatures who of course smoke marijuana, and they are reading the brains of the people who just casually walk round do shopping etc., using invisible telephones! I really saw it one day, and I still laugh about that hallucinatory, paranoid, and absurd thought. Schhhh.... be quiet! Are THEY here now? Not now...they can't see me if...I mean...the secret ritual if you do it they can not read your brains!

    How about abandon these weird football fields and use them to grow Marijuana? That would make sense to me!
  2. in the meanwhile I have added some skills, using chopsticks and a few other things.

    Korean pot noodles!


    There are no specific japanese noodles available here just udon noodles which are not so great from package, taste much better directly cooked.
  3. I dont know what the fuck your smoking, but you need to share that shit. I wanna trip balls like this.
  4. welcome back to the world of smoking

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